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Marketing Insights

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Death Of Brands-5 Companies That Didn't Make It-Infographic

How to Identify Your Target Audience

Building Strong Brands For Snack Food Products

Corrugate Package Printing—Litho Laminate vs Digital Printing [Video] Which Is Best For You?

Mobile Commerce: Everything You Need to Know

Customer Engagement Online Strategies

Drive Brand Awareness with Loyalty

Ways Digital Marketing Is Fueling the Automotive Industry & Others

Create a Brand Name to Remember

Creating A Brand Identity For Multiple Products

Creative Customer Engagement Strategies

Stand Up Pouches [The Perfect Package for Your Product]

4 Successful Packaging Redesign Stories

Custom Sales Kits: WOW Your Customers and Increase Your Sales

The Impact Of Web Design On SEO

Fantastic Packaging Designs from Catalpha [video]

4 Ways To Use Instagram to Improve SEO and Branding

5 Critical Tactics Every B2B Website Redesign Project Should Incorporate

The Role of Packaging Design in an E-Commerce World

How to Write a Perfect Product Description That Actually Converts Into Sales

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8 Actionable Tips To Successfully Prepare Your Product Packaging For The U.S. Market

Step-by-Step Package Dieline Tutorial [with videos and downloads]

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10 Essential Things You Need to Consider When Designing Appealing Food Packaging

Food Packaging Design Secrets For Success

5 Offline Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales On Your Website

10 Ways To Make Your Product Stand Out On The Shelf [and Sell More]!

Top 3 Things Clients Want on Your Website

It only takes 1 error to change customer's brand impression.

Professional Product Packaging Photography Tips

How To Maintain Brand Relevance When Customers Less Loyal

Why Packaging Design is a Smart Marketing Investment

How to Tell Your Product’s Story Through Packaging Design [And Make It Successful]

7 Ways To Make Your Brand Unforgettable [And Guarantee Success]

5 Must-Have Elements Needed To Redesign Your Branding and Packaging Design [2019]

How To Write Copy For Your Product Packaging

Catalpha's 2017 Packaging Design Year In Review

Packaging Design Trends [2018]  How To Wow Them At The Shelf

Creative Ways To Increase Your Company's Visibility

How to Work with a Packaging Designer

7 Ways To Create Luxury Packaging

What You Get When You Hire a Branding Professional

How To Leverage Your Packaging Design To Increase Sales! [Infographic]

5 Marketing Ideas To Improve Your Skilled Nursing Home Marketing

How Much Do Point of Purchase (POP) Displays Cost?

3 Ways to Boost Brand Loyalty

Why is Packaging Design Artwork Key in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Branding Lessons from the Snack Food Aisle

Why it's hard to market expensive products

7 Reasons Why You Thought Your Product Didn't Need a POP Display (And Why They're Wrong)

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10 Tips To Better Point of Purchase Displays

The Ins and Outs of Great Product Packaging

Top 20 Packaging Design Blogs

Biggest Branding Mistakes: #1

3 Big Ideas for Brand Success in 2017

What Is A Brand?

The Product Packaging Design Process - 8 Part Video Series

Blister Pack Cost - Manufacturer Tells All About Blister Packaging

4 Reasons To Invest in Packaging Design

3 Ways Biometric Sensors Show How Consumers View Your Package Design

Digital Purchasing Habits You Need To Know

Unique Dielines Create Standout (and Effective) Packaging!

Hottest Packaging Design Trends in 2016

What To Expect When Your Custom Printed Retail Package Boxes Are Delivered.

3 Big Branding Tips For Small Businesses

New Outdoor Products Require Packaging Design That Attracts, Educates and Persuades

3 Retail Packaging Design Tips to Set Your Product Apart From the Rest

20 Things A Restaurant Customer Hates But Won’t Tell You

Website and Blog Content That Doesn't Work

Organic Brand Trend

Why 4 Big Brands Failed

5 Questions To Use To Define Your Customer Personas

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Enhance Brand Development

Developing a Brand: 5 Branding Tips to Help Your Company Stand Out

Recognizing Rebranding Mistakes

Avoid These Common Google AdWords Mistakes

Why Every Business Needs Market Research.

Google's Mobile Update - What Happened?

3 Simple Reasons Why You Can't Afford to NOT Hire a Branding Agency

How email subject line affects open rates.

Top 5 Website Design Companies in the Baltimore, Maryland Area

Who Are The Best Website Builders in Baltimore, Maryland (Reviews/Ratings)

How To Create A Brand Name

How Much Does A Website Cost In 2016

Across The Board Marketing Tips To Help Establish Your Company

5 Signs Your Brand Is Stale

Does Winning Design Awards Make You A Successful Packaging Design Company?

Tips To Sell Your Products Into Big Box Stores

Branding Tips: Building an Effective Brand Identity for Your Business

Branding Experts Weigh In On Coca-Cola's Newest Campaign Slogan: 'Taste the Feeling’

How Bud Light Stays On Top The Beer Market with Custom Product Packaging

Is McDonald's New Packaging Design Worth The Effort?

Top 10 Packaging Design Blogs for 2016

BBQ Dragon Entrepreneur Shares His Product Launch Success Story!

Your Product's Success Is Directly Linked To Your Packaging Design

TOP 10 Packaging Design Blog Posts of 2015 by Catalpha

The 4 Need-to-Know Web Marketing Trends of 2016

3 Reasons Your Web Design Matters More Than You Think

Snoop Dogg’s New Pot Brand Has Rather Nice Packaging Design

Contour Expands Their Line With New Packaging Design for Kabooti’s Cooler Brother - Kabooti ICE

Frankford Steps Up Their Brand Look With A New Packaging Redesign

Scary Packaging Design Just In Time For Halloween!

Unique Packaging Will Make Your Product Stand Out

3 Tips For Better Content

The 5 Things Users Want From Your Website

3 Reasons Why Content is King

From Snickers to Coca-Cola - Why Personalized Product Packaging Design Works

Follow This 10 Step Process To Create Packaging Design That Sells Your Product

How Your Custom Packaging Design Gets Printed

How Much Does Packaging Design Cost ?

Creating Better Web Design With the Customer in Mind: Five Essential Tips

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Attract More Customers

What Coca-Cola Can Tell us About Effective Branding

How to Use Color Psychology to Establish Your Brand

Los Angeles Packaging Designer Creates Cereal Boxes for Adults

5 Vital Tips To Make Your Product Package Design POP Off The Shelf!

How do you know your product concept will succeed?

Custom Labels vs Stock Labels: Custom Labels Win

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Design Firm in Baltimore

World-Renowned, Successful Business Prove Brand Names Are Key

Avoid These 4 Content Writing Mistakes

What to Consider When Building a Website

Website Design Musts In 2015

Building a Better Brand

3 Key Steps in Brand Analysis

Why is some marketing bad?

What Successful Brands Know About Package Design

Setting Customer Expectations With Your Company Branding

Take Your Brand From Boring To Brilliant!

How Long Does SEO Take?

The Rise of Email Marketing Use in Emerging Economies

Why Google Requires Mobile Responsive Sites

Does your product and package have a visual appeal?

6 Ways To Out-Execute Your Competition

From Start-Ups to Apple: Why Everyone Needs Market Research

What Makes Plastic Containers So Popular

How To Boost SEO Rankings with WordPress

Top Tools to Boost Your Social-Media Productivity

Two Packaging Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Company Transforms Old Packages Into Safe Children's Toys

6 Tips on Selecting A Package Designer

3 Steps to Improve Direct Mail Response

Choosing a Social Media Consultant

Improve Your Brand In 6 Simple Steps

Your Website Could Drop In Rank Because of Google's New 'Mobile-Friendly' Algorithm Update!

5 Ways To Package Your Product On A Budget

5 Mobile Advertising Trends in 2015

Direct Marketing Changes You Need To Make

3 Things Quality Healthcare Advertising Agencies Must Offer

SEO Tips to Boost Rankings for WordPress Sites

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What You Can Do to Increase Your Brand Identity

Automate Your Marketing!

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Blatant Horn Tooting! Catalpha POP/Point of Purchase Makes It Nationwide!

Catalpha’s Work Hits National TV

Five Ways to Build a Brand

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4 Bad Habits That Kill Your Online Business Presence

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Why Unilever is Going to War to Protect the Brand of Mayonnaise

How Does Inbound Marketing Even Work?

How to Get Great Product Packaging in 3 Steps

Are Your Lackluster Branding Efforts Holding Your Company Back?

3 Things to Look for in a Packaging Design Company

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How Do They Do That? 3 Tools for analyzing websites

Why Packaging That Can Detect Spoiled Food is So Genius

3 Questions To Build A Successful Brand

Top 10 Tips of Branding Your Company

How to Make Sure Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Doesn't Fall Flat on Its Face

Email, SEO, Content, and Social Media: The 4 Elements of Inbound Mktg

Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools

Blogging: Increase Impact With Visuals

The Best Tips for Email Marketing and Social Media

Social Media Referrals Deliver eCommerce Success

Social Marketing Drives Consumer Spending

Content Marketing for B2B

The SEO Question of The Day...

Facts SEO Companies Don’t Want You to Know

On-line Advertising: PPC versus PLAs

Website Traffic: Does product search mean intent to buy?

How can a mobile app improve your business

How Important is package testing

Boring Details That Impact Package Design

Calculating the cost of product packaging

Are you really paying attention to your brand?

Marketing and How Older Adults Use The Internet

eCommerce and Social Lets Smaller Brands Compete

3, 5, 7 Rule of Email Marketing

Why tracking website visitors matters

It's Time to Invest in Building Your Brand

3 Rules of Product Packaging

2 Changes you must make to your company Facebook page

What Makes A Winning Package?

Wow – someone paid for that advertising!

Top 4 Facts That Determine The Cost of Product Packaging

Mobile Users Spend More Time Using Apps

Four Big Boosts an eCommerce Website Developer Can Give Your Business

Brand Vision Boards - How they help you stay focused and on top

Getting Your Product To Market - One Inventor's Adventure

Package Design: Is copy more important than design?

Why Retail Packaging is Gaining So Much Importance

How to Increase Your Bottom Line Using Retargeting

Is Location Marketing Right For Your Business?

Turning An Idea Into A Product

What Influences Online Shoppers

What Can Branding Do For Your Business?

Is Your Website Bringing In More Sales Every Year?

Email Is Dead

Is Branding or Customer Service Helping You Avoid Becoming Obsolete

Are you missing opportunities to build brand loyalty?


How fast can your company embrace mobile marketing?

Three Advantages of Branding Your Company

Why Do You Have Customer Service Policy?

Why You Should Give Your Company A "Detail" Marketing Audit Like Disney Institute

What You Need To Know About Branding Your Business

Your Package Should Tell A Story

75 Stats That Will Convince You To Start An Inbound Marketing Program Now!

Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior: It's All In The Timing

Forbes Magazine names Catalpha Client To List of America's Most Promising Companies!

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What does Twitter's IPO Mean to Your Marketing?

7 Ways Direct Mail Is Needed in Your Marketing Plan

Uncovering Inbound Marketing Benchmarks

3 Must-haves In A 2014 Marketing Budget

Are You Getting Confused On How To Market Your Business

What Do Successsful Entrepreneurs Do?

Is Your Marketing Budget Attracting The Right Customer?

Do you need a mobile website?

Top Website Design Mistakes Businesses Need to Avoid

6 Online Marketing Statistics That Can Powerfully Affect Your Business in 2014


Branding: More Than A Logo

Does Your 2014 Marketing Budget Include These 3 Must-Haves?

Measuring the Impact of Marketing Efforts

Attention Entrepreneurs: Need money?

How Package Design Improves Your Sex Life

Innovating A Marketing Advantage

Pay-per-click Spending Wars: Google versus Bing

Catalpha Designs Win 2013 American Graphic Design Awards

3 Ecommerce Strategies that Pay Off

Shifting Budget to Digital Marketing

Does Your Brand Image Stand Out In A Crowd?

10 (MORE) Tips To Your Successful Packaging Design

Mind Games: Positioning Your Product In Your Customers' Minds

4 Reasons Package Rebranding Goes Wrong

Staying On Top Of Google Changes

Package Design Lessons From The Shelf

Website Redesign Conclusion: Create a site that kicks butt.

SEO Strategies That Will Lower Your Page Rank

Go With Caution: SEO services are not all the same.

Why diversify your brand marketing?

Be prepared or get burnt.

Why Your Company Needs To Write Its Own Top-Ten List

Should You Invest In Your New Product Idea?

A Guaranteed Way To Keep Customers And Clients For Life

How Long Will Visitors Stay On Your Website?

Web Redesign Part 3: Inventory Your Assets

It's Time To Redesign Your Website! Part 2

How Do You Know It's Time To Redesign Your Website?

How To Improve Your Marketing By Answering These 3 Simple Questions

How do you write enough social media content for social marketing?

Top 10 Tips To a Better Pay Per Click Campaign in 2013

Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing A Logical Choice For My Business?

SEO & Keyword Research - Your Quest For Good Keywords

Is A Clamshell or Blister Package Right For Your Product Packaging? - Interview With A Thermoformer

How To Work with a Creative Agency

How to choose a company or product name for your brand.

Convert Leads into Customers in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have a logo or Brand?

How much will my packaging cost? - The most burning question in the packaging design world today!

The Landing Page - The Hardest Working Pages On Your Website

5 Easy Steps To Turn Leads Into Customers

5 Top Tips To Make Your Website Traffic Blast Off!

Catalpha Partners With Hubspot To Offer Lead Generating Inbound Marketing

Ignoring The Most Powerful Marketing Activity That Increases Sales

Maximize Your Marketing ROI Even with a Limited Budget

Is your website design holding back your business?

Catalpha Wins Four American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards

The Importance Of Evaluating Your Advertising Campaigns

More Online Newspapers Putting Up Paywalls

Facebook Presence for Catholic Charities and VASAP Wins American Graphic Design Awards

Catalpha Wins 2012 American Graphic Design Award for Catalog Design

One of Catalpha's Clients Making News

What is The Most Popular Digital Tool Marketers Use?

Does Your Company Have A Gold Standard Of Service?

Online Presentation for Berkshire Associates Web Application

Catalpha's Client - TheraPearl in the News

Your Website's About Page: Don't Lose This Great Opportunity

Is There A Direct Relationship Between Your Facebook Likes And Sales?

"Showrooming" Is Killing Retailers: What Target Is Doing About It

Catalpha Wins 2012 American Package Design Awards!

The Ten Best Ways To Position Your Company For Success In 2012

Four Ways To Increase Sales: Focus On Them And Sales Will Soar

The Moneyball Strategy: Can It Work For Your Company?

Examples of SEO Misinformation

The KEY to PPC is Negative KEYwords!

Animal Inspired Package Design

Maryland Expert Design Services and Custom Packaging Design For Over 25 Years

Catalpha gets product placement of Package Design!!

The Basics of SEO

AirFilters, Inc. New Website Design

The Importance of Design To Your Ad's Success Rate

How to get UPC Barcodes

To Groupon OR Not to Groupon?

Eyecatching Packaging Material

New Package Design Packs Value into a Weight Loss Plan

Smyth Website Design & Catalog Direct Mail win SIAA Awards

Catalpha Wins Graphic Design USA: American Package Design Awards

How To Prevent A Blockbuster Moment: Essential Survival Lessons For Your Business

How To Create Value Through Your Employees & Culture

Advertising Is About To Change. Are You Ready?

How to get sales leads from Twitter

How important is it to be listed in Google's Top 10?

Email Marketing Beats Social Media

Catalpha Wins Silver in SIAA Award

Catalpha Wins SIAA Merit Award

What Does "Using Social Media" Mean?

Jump Into The Social Media Pool

Re-Innovate Your Marketing


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