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Is McDonald's New Packaging Design Worth The Effort?

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Over the past year or so, McDonald's has been going through a serious rebranding process. In 2015, Steve Easerbrook, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald's started to whip the notorious fast food chain into shape, approaching the issue in a multifaceted manner.

Firstly, he looked to the quality of food and service, aiming to improve both, and reinstate a "contemporary restaurant experience" for the chain. Not a bad idea, considering the fact that 76% of Americans believe that good customer service is the best way to gauge if a brand is loyal to their customers.

Now, the company is looking to streamline McDonald's product packaging design, rolling out brand new bags, cups, and boxes with a minimalist design. But is McDonald's new, slimmer product label design enough to convince customers that the fast food giant is changing its ways?

The last time McDonald's rolled out new product label designs worldwide was in 2013. The company aimed to reach out to the digitally connected world by including dynamic QR codes and bold, visual content. In a way, McDonald's was onto something then.Statistically speaking, users are shown to prefer visual content over written content, and companies who optimize their respective web design for mobile use (like through the use of dynamic QR codes) can see as much of a 62% increase in sales. And while this method of graphic storytelling might have been a bright idea, the image proved to be too gimmicky and cluttered for the fast food company.


McDonald's Packaging Design Since The Beginning


Now, their new designs are modern and progressive, with focus on minimalist styling. In a world where transparency and health are of utmost concern, the fast food empire has been under fire. The rebranding is an attempt and means for McDonald's to re-establish itself quietly among its consumers.

"The packaging is intended to create noticeable change for our customers and I'm hoping it makes them feel better about their choice of going to McDonald's," said Matt Biespiel, the Senior Director of Global Brand Development at McDonald's. "Unlike other [branding] categories, you receive packaging after you've already made the purchase. The thought for me is, this is about reinforcing the purchase decision—having people feel good about walking down the street holding our bag."

What do you think about McDonald's new product label design? You decide. Was McDonald's efforts worth the cost?  Use the form below to leave a comment:

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