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5 Reasons Custom Sales Kits Are Exploding In Popularity Because Of COVID-19

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The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down in recent months. It has impacted how we socialize, communicate, behave, travel, the economy, and so much more.

For businesses, it has been a challenging time, trying to adapt and remain flexible in a constantly changing business landscape.


Many businesses have had to completely rethink their sales process and how they market their product to ensure they stay relevant and profitable both during, and after, the Coronavirus crisis. How do they do it?...

Finding new ways to showcase and sell your products going forward is crucial in ensuring that your company can not only survive the Coronavirus crisis but thrive.

Custom sales kits have played an important role for business owners throughout COVID-19 in helping them to achieve their sales targets.

With specially designed packaging to encase your product, you can ensure that your offerings stand out from the crowd and that your product is showcased properly.

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When it is increasingly difficult to get out there and meet your customers face-to-face, it’s crucial that, in these uncertain times, you take every opportunity to build trust and loyalty in your brand.

After all, you only get one shot at a first impression and custom sales kits can help ensure that your customer’s first experience of your product is memorable for all the right reasons.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why custom sales kits are exploding in popularity because of COVID-19:


1. The Need To Stand Out

With it becoming increasingly difficult to meet your customers face-to-face to sell your offerings due to COVID-19, you need to ensure that your sales kits truly stand out from the crowd. 

If your sales kit is not presented in a way that differentiates it from whatever else may be on the table, you could miss out on the opportunity to attract more customers and expand your operations.

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With custom sales kits, you can design kits that will make your product stand out from the crowd. Take some time to consider your design to ensure that it meets all of your your customer's expectations.

Look at what your competitors are doing and where you can improve upon their ideas or be brave and take a completely different approach. However you decide to approach your design, custom sales kits are a great way to differentiate your product from your competitors and increase your sales.

2. To Build Brand Loyalty

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, business owners and marketers need to prioritize brand loyalty. As more customers shop online, there is a sea of products from around the world for them to explore and consider.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s very difficult to see your clients and inform them about your company, your ethos, and the benefits of your offerings. However, with the right custom sales kit, you can achieve all of this and more, helping to build loyalty in your brand from the start.

When your potential new customer receives your sales kit, they should immediately recognize that it is from your company. How you present the product and product information can help to connect the customer with your brand.

Branding is much more than a logo and a clever tagline. It's how your kit is built and how it feels that can enhance your branding and connect with your clients in a meaningful way to build trust and loyalty.


3. Creating A Memorable Experience

While you and your sales team might be enthusiastic about your company and create a memorable experience when you meet your clients, during the Coronavirus pandemic, this is much more difficult to do.

Online video calls can be helpful in getting your message across but with clients spending so much time on video calls nowadays, it’s easy to get swallowed up in the sea of faces.

Creating a memorable experience for your customer can help to give you the edge over your competition. When your customer opens their package, you want to ensure that they are blown away by the thought and care that has gone into your sales kit.

The materials you use, how you design the packaging, the font, colors, and the messages you include will all have an impact on how memorable the experience will be for your customer. Custom sales kits allow you to take control of your design so that you get the perfect solution for your offerings. 


4. Showcasing Your Product

Highlighting the features and benefits of your product is important. You need to show your client what it is that your product does, the problems it can solve, and its USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Custom sales kits allow you the opportunity to build the optimum sales kit for your unique product and audience.

Custom sales kits have made it easier than ever for business owners and marketing teams to showcase their products to prospective clients without ever having to meet in person.

With the restrictions facing business owners because of COVID-19, it’s crucial to find new ways to showcase your product without needing to visit in person.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating the perfect sales kit. Every product is different, each company will have their own approach to doing business, and target demographics will change from one product to another.

Custom sales kits allow you the opportunity to build the optimum sales kit for your unique product and audience.

Showcasing your product in a carefully considered sales kit will help you to build more credibility in your offerings and close more sales deals as a result.


5. You Only Get One First Impression

First impressions are everything in business and you only get one, so you must make it count! When prospective clients receive your sales kit, you want to ensure that they have a positive reaction and are instantly optimistic about working with your company.

To give your clients the best possible impression of your product from the very beginning, you need to ensure that your sales kits are designed properly.

Presenting your product in the wrong way can lead to your customer not understanding the product or knowing its benefits. Your sales kit should instill confidence and credibility in your product and your brand leaving the prospective customer with the best possible impression of your offerings.

To give your clients the best possible impression of your product from the very beginning, you need to ensure that your sales kits are designed properly. Customized sales kits allow you to create a design that will put your product in the best possible light.

Consider using different materials to convey the right message about your brand and your product. Include the relevant product information and choose an aesthetically pleasing design that is functional to ensure your product is well-received.


Gaining Authority In Your Industry

Presenting your products in a manner that inspires confidence in your brand can help you to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Your sales kit should help to demonstrate your commitment to your industry and to your customer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created more opportunities in the marketplace.

Highlight your expertise and set yourself apart from the competition by commanding the attention of your prospective customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has created more opportunities in the marketplace.

To capitalize on these opportunities, many business owners and marketing teams have turned to custom sales kits to help establish their organization as one of authority.

Showing your expertise and dedication to your industry can be achieved through custom sales kits. Being able to design every aspect of the sales kit to your unique specifications, you can create a design that will command the attention of potential customers.

Using the right materials and making savvy design choices, you can create a sales kit that will truly speak to your status in your industry, without anyone required to be there to present it. With the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, this is a great opportunity to increase credibility in your brand and to position your company as an authority, and leader, in your industry,

This newly instilled confidence in your offerings, will help you to grow your business even as you continue to navigate the challenges of Covid-19.


Custom Sales Kits Will Continue To Play An Important Role Post-COVID

Business owners and marketers have embraced custom sales kits throughout the Coronavirus pandemic due to their many benefits. In a time where it has been virtually impossible to meet clients face-to-face to present your offerings, custom sales kits have become increasingly popular.

New call-to-actionOffering the opportunity to design stylish, memorable, and functional sales kits that are designed specifically to your requirements, custom sales kits have allowed many businesses to increase sales and thrive, despite the huge economic impact of COVID-19.

Finding new ways to showcase and sell your products going forward is crucial in ensuring that your company can not only survive the Coronavirus crisis but thrive. Custom sales kits are the perfect solution for you to present your product in the best possible light to prospective clients, increase sales, and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

With the optimum design for your unique product, custom sales kits will encourage more belief in your brand and offerings, allowing your business to look forward to a more positive future in the short-term and post-COVID. 

To find out more about how custom sales kits can benefit your business now, and in the future, be sure to get in touch with our team at Catalpha today. With our help, you can ensure that you make the right impression on potential clients with your sales kit, increase sales, and look forward to a brighter future for your business.

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