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Persuasive Point of Purchase Displays POP Your Products - 50 Samples!

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Doing well in retail is something every brand is striving to achieve. Once a customer is in store, how do you capture their attention and sell to them? The answer, my friend, is not 'blowing in the wind', it's found in your point of sale marketing.

Let's dive deeper into the world of POP marketing...

By increasing your brand awareness among shoppers in store, you can readily improve your sales without significantly increasing your budget.

That statement ought to make you POP up and take notice!

POP marketing used in retail stores can be helpful in winning over your target audience.


What is Point of Purchase ?

Point of purchase is defined as any printed promotional item, that is separate from the product itself and contains the product or separates it from other products to enhance the brand's message and influence its sale.

Point of Purchase vs. Point of Sale

A common misconception is the idea that point of purchase refers solely to the location within the store where the transaction takes place, such as the register line.

In reality, point of purchase can refer to any part of the store, including the area around the checkout counter, where customers may browse items before purchasing them.

The term point of purchase is also often used interchangeably with the phrase point of sale, which refers specifically to the register line.

However, point of sale can also refer to the entire process of selling merchandise, not just the act of transferring money for purchases.

Think of point of sale as being a narrower definition of point of purchase.

By these definitions, point-of-sale marketing can be understood as anything marketing or merchandising material your brand provides to its retail partners in order to help sales.


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6 Benefits of Effective Point of Purchase Displays

POP displays have many advantages in store. They help both the retailer and buyers to know and consume your brand.

Point of purchase displays have been show to increase sales at retail as much as 20 percent!

Here are the top 6 advantages effective point of purchase displays.


1. Make Your Product Stand Out To Your Customer

Shoppers are known to be ‘skimmers’, meaning that they’re likely to skim down the aisle looking specifically for one thing.

Packaging alone, regardless of how catchy or visually appealing it may be, is often too small to make an impact on customers without a little help.

Displaying products on larger mediums such as a corrugate display or hanging shelf sign can increase the chances that a shopper will see them.

2. Boost Your Brand Design and Message

You've got a great product, but you’re limited by the size of your package to say everything about your product you want to.

Enter point of purchase (POP) displays.

They're an easy way to make your brand stand out, and provide additional valuable information about your product without taking up too much room.

3. Put Your Products In Your Customer’s Path

Point of Purchase Displays are often freestanding or shelf attachments that can be installed at the ends of aisles.

This gives you and your retailer much more flexibility in product placement. You're no longer be banished to a low shelf somewhere, but instead you can be in the middle of the high traffic areas of the store.

It's also a great way to bring your brand together with any complementary products it might normally be used with, even if there isn't any additional shelf space.

4. Give Your Retailer Incentive To Merchandize Your Product

A common dilemma faced by brands is ensuring that their products are effectively sold in retail stores.

This is limited by what retailers know about your brand and the time and space they can devote to each of the many brands they need to promote.

By having displays next to your products, you can decide exactly how you want to promote your brand in-store, saving you and your retailers a lot of hassle.

5. Low Cost Marketing Spend

It is still expensive to promote your brand in most media platforms. such as online, television or billboards. POP displays are a way to get your message across for a fraction of the cost.

You can even use the same ads or messages you would have used elsewhere, but just adapt them to the store display environment.

As an advantage, it is easier to target more relevant target groups, who are immediately influenced by your display.

6. Talk To Impulse Buyers

Obviously people are in the store to purchase. What they purchase though can be influenced by your POP and brand.

That last minute message can have great impact on their decision and on your sales.

60 Plus Examples of Point of Sale Displays

Shelf Talkers / Aisle Violators

Shelf-talkers, sometimes called Aisle Violators are often used in aisles to promote products.

They do so for several different reasons, including: Capturing a customer's eye so that nothing else is seen within the aisle: Making a product appear to be the special in the aisle, promoting a sale or offering unique details about a product, and educating customers about the product.


Aisle violators do just that, they jut out into the aisle and create a message that's placed at a 90° angle to the shelf making them easily read as you move down the aisle. 



This is a unique aisle violator as its semi permanent, and sits on two shelves almost acting as a barrier between its brand and others on the shelf.

Dump Bins

Dump bins are commonly used for the bulk distribution of brands that provide their products in small packaging.

They are very common with food snacks like candy bars and directly reflect the products they contain, displaying a sense of professionalism and taste.

A vital advantage of dump bins is that they are free-standing, and they can act as a billboard for brands’ imagery and messaging.

They provide a large distribution space at an attractive cost, and they provide an opportunity to show off your brand’s creativity, such as incorporated artwork into the bins.


Dump bin displays are usually associated with low cost and large quantities.


End Caps

End caps are displays affixed at the end of an aisle where two aisle shelves sit back-to-back.

Like free standing displays, end caps give you prime location to attract eyes -- shoppers can see your display clearly without entering the aisles. They also allow you to place your product in an easily accessible location.



This is a category endcap, which means multiple brands occupy the display area but all are used for the same reason.  I would assume they split the cost and got good placement as well. 



This end cap went big with the message area.  Perhaps because their small tube product was getting lost on the shelf?  Nice branding though.



While this wasn't one large display, the individual shelf trays work together to nicely create a branded look.



A true end cap - self standing, shelf replacing display.



End caps are built in any style needed to fit your products. Small hanging packages are not a problem and you still have plenty of room for branding and messaging.



Another example of a 'category' end cap. Emphasis on the Advil.  Pain relief seems to be a big seller.



While technically not a true end cap because its not at the end of an aisle, it still has the same stopping power.  This display also has plenty of room to tell the brand story.


Free Standing Floor / Aisle Displays

Free-Standing or Aisle displays are great for a number of reasons. They allow you to place your product in almost any location within the buyer’s environment and gives you infinite options in terms of design and colors.

They are made out of cardboard, and can be digitally printed, which adds an infinite amount of color to your design, and allows you to experiment with unique marketing ideas, shapes and messaging.


Angled shelves help this display nicely present the product.



If you have a new product, nothing puts it in front of customers like an aisle display.



This is a unique floor display in that it was constructed so it can be shopped on 4 sides.



This corrugated pop uses an additional angled base section for stability.



Every store can use floor displays.  Even a tire store selling accessory products like these snow socks.



This skinny tower floor display is perfect for high traffic areas.



This simple 2 color floor display does the job for this seasonal product.  It's nothing fancy, just the facts.



You don't normally find clothing on a corrugate floor display, but this multi-shelf pop stands out and present a large quantity of product well.



As you can see this floor display can take quite a bit of weight and still display your product nicely. 



Even low quantity floor display orders can be printed in vibrant colors.



Here's an example of a shipper floor display.  Shippers have the product and the additional pieces of the display (header and base) within the same box.  So its easier and faster for retailers to display.



Its big, its beautiful.  What else do you want in a floor display?



Snack food is the perfect product for this 'weekender' style of floor display.



You wouldn't think it, but corrugate displays, when designed and constructed correctly, can hold a lot of weight. This energy drink display can hold 4 cases.


grocery-store-2-shelf-aisle-display Small yet impactful floor point of sale.



This mini floor display is an interesting style.  The product section actually hangs off the base.



Hardware stores use floor displays as well. 



Floor displays that are backed up against each other produce some customer stopping power. 



Here's a semi permanent cosmetic display stand.  Someone had a pretty good budget. 



The UTZ motto is go big or go home. When you want to sell chips, make sure they are all out there.



Isn't this the second Jack's Links display in this article.  They must believe in the power of floor displays. 



This floor display consists of stackable trays with a header panel. 



Like the 'category' end caps, this is a 'category' floor display.  Different brands residing in the same display. 



Another shipper floor display. If your product packs out well, this type of display may be perfect for you. 


Counter Displays

A counter display is just as the name implies, a display designed to sit on a counter or shelf for the purpose of bringing attention to the product within and sell more products.

As you would imagine, they are as varied as the floor displays. And come in sizes designed to fit small and large products.


These counter displays are also know as shipper boxes where a box of products is designed to opened in a way so the top folds back to become a header card. Very common for food and snack products.



Some stores standardize how they want their counter displays.  Walgreens has brand books which describe the size and even the art they want used.



A drug store counter display gives you a surprising amount of room for your product, message and brand look.



This counter display had an angled graphic panel which gave them additional room for messaging.



These counter displays were large enough to create an end cap look when used together.  These used an easel stand built into the back of the display to hold them upright but kept the display thin for shipping purposes.



This small product really needed a display to give it shelf presence and keep it organized.



A variety of counter displays. As you can see each is customized slightly for their particular product.


Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are another fascinating way to draw customers’ attention to your products and will literally make people stop in their tracks!

They ideally should be placed in front of your items where your brand is located on shelf. These attractive and durable displays samples will make your shoppers more curious about your products.



A perfect example of floor graphics using the brand colors / message and placed directly in front of their product.


Therapearl Floortalk[2]

Floor talkers bring attention to small products in a very busy section.


Pallet and Quarter Pallet Displays

Full Pallet and Quarter Pallet displays are used in big box and warehouse club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s. They can be found in Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes as well. 

These displays are designed to be loaded and shipped pre-packed with merchandise to be 'retail ready' with just the removal of a cover.

They create a major billboard opportunity for your brand look and message which naturally attracts the consumer and offers shopping from all sides. 



A full pallet display with product tray which act as small billboards and keep the product packed for easy stacking.



Here's a quarter pallet display in Lowes.  Not your normal corrugate display, but it definitely stands out.



This is a half pallet display with a pallet skirt.  A skirt gives you plenty of room for branding and messaging.


Unique Store Displays

This section describes displays that are just not as easily pegged into floor, counter or pallet displays categories.  It just goes to show you, that if you want to stand out, there is a POP display that can built to fit you. 



While not technically a display of corrugate, I thought this had merit.  The new lighting that pharmacies are using really accent the products.



Hersheys, Reeses and Kraft went all out on the S'mores display creating a backyard summer theme complete with trees, squirrels and campfire.



I'm not quite sure why its a metal roof house, but this display for McCormick's couldn't be missed.



What says summer party better than a Tiki Hut bar around your favorite drink.  As I said before, anything can be made of corrugate.



Case stacker displays are meant to cover a standing column of liquor cases with free standing bottles displayed on top.

If you want to read more on how you can make your POP grab attention, check this article out....


 Or if you want to get a better idea of the cost of your POP display....


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