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10 Benefits Of Using A Product Packaging Manufacturer

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An often overlooked yet essential partner to many companies is their product packaging manufacturer. These specialists allow you to safely transport and present your wares to consumers in the wholesale and retail environment.

Unless you possess considerable background knowledge of the different types of raw materials and printing technologies associated with the industry, you’ll need their specialized capabilities to design and build containers unique to your brand.

Continue reading to learn about several key benefits you’ll enjoy when you let the experts create a customized and well-executed package solution for your physical products.

10 Benefits of using a product packaging manufacturer:

1. Personalization and Compliance

2. Consistent Quality

3. Cost Efficient

4. Food Packaging Considerations

5. Agility and Adaptability

6. Quick Turnaround

7. Prototyping Capabilities

8. Testing Capabilities

9. Volume Pricing

10. Brand Amplification 


Personalization and Compliance

Each business produces products unique to the owner’s vision and the intended customers’ desires and use cases. We must take into account prerequisites such as physical dimensions, weight, temperature, humidity, and shelf life.

We should also consider the shipping process, display environments, and the marketing messages the containers will convey.

These functional traits manifest themselves from a considerable design process in which packaging manufacturers use their expertise to brainstorm aesthetically appealing, functional, and cost-effective ideas while remaining compliant with applicable industry regulations, including labeling requirements and food safety standards.

Additionally, customer experience is now a permanent part of the marketing paradigm. With numerous streams of consumer product reviews and unboxing videos circulating, product packaging is now front and center, just as important as newspaper advertisement headlines were in days past. 

Chances are your company’s human resources aren’t well-versed in choosing the correct types of plastics, papers, or inks used for modern luxury packaging or the applicable regulations governing their manufacturing and use.

Be certain that your containers meet higher expectations, delight consumers, and cultivate positive brand impressions on social media.

Partnering with an industry-leading product packaging manufacturer allows you to streamline, saving you valuable time and expense in designing creative containers to ship and protect your products, exceed customer expectations, and reduce your exposure to non-compliance penalties.


Consistent Quality

consistent_retail_packages_lined_upYour customers expect their products to arrive in impeccable condition, ready to use, without damage, flaws, or spoiling.

For that to happen, the outer packaging must maintain its structural integrity throughout the shipping process.

Container manufacturers have the technology to apply consistent quality standards, ensuring your physical items are in their best condition as customers unbox them.

Using a specialized manufacturer ensures each batch of your packaging is consistently produced using advanced methodology and high-quality raw materials that work to improve your products’ perceived luxury and value.

Additionally, consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental preservation. By partnering with a packaging supplier, your business can easily show support for sustainability by selecting from their many eco-friendly materials when designing a new line of containers.

Contribute to waste reduction by using recyclable and biodegradable options where possible; you’ll better align your company’s outlook with younger consumers, conserve natural resources, and reduce pollution from packaging refuse.

Finally, choose a provider that specializes in making containers for multiple industries. This versatility ensures they have the experience to design packaging that perfectly meets your product requirements, looks professional, conveys your company’s branding, and captures consumers’ attention.


Cost Efficient

Using a product packaging manufacturer gives you the flexibility of ordering just what you need, whether you are a small startup or a large multinational.

If you only want a small batch for that special Halloween promotion, no problem. Cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget and scale are available with the same quality standards as longer orders.

Additionally, when you outsource this function to a company that specializes in customized packaging, you’ll negate the overhead expenses related to an in-house packaging operation and all that goes with it, such as materials, storage, labor, and insurance costs.

This allows you to meet your budget constraints while focusing on your company’s core missions.


Food Packaging Considerations

If food service and manufacturing is your primary niche, you have additional considerations when choosing a packaging solution.

You need containers that preserve freshness and guard against contaminants like insects, bacteria, dirt, and other harmful intrusions.

Shelf life is another vital requirement. Depending on your product, you might need vacuum sealing or other modifications to keep perishables fresh and extend their edible windows.

Limiting exposure to oxygen and moisture is critical to maintaining quality and minimizing spoilage since many nutrients will degrade with prolonged exposure to improper temps, light, and ambient air.

Busy lifestyles mean consumers seek time-saving options for meal prep and consumption. Use modern packaging to cater to these needs through easy-to-open containers and portion-sized trays or bags for easy on-the-go eating options for drivers, first responders, and onsite workers.

Health-conscious customers need readily available information about things like allergen warnings, ingredients, heating instructions, and nutritional content.

Well-designed food product packaging provides ample space for this labeling while also allowing space for your logos and branding, allowing consumers to easily locate your items on shelves.

A product packaging manufacturer will provide you with health regulation-compliant, cost-effective materials, including multilayer films, protective coatings, and mobile trays suitable for storage and consumption, necessary to ensure your customers receive their food safely while showcasing your brand identity consistent with your other public-facing assets.


Agility and Adaptability

As consumer preferences evolve, working with your product packaging manufacturer lets you adjust container designs, production volumes, and material construction to meet these dynamics.

To remain ahead of competitors, you’ll need to ensure the packaging designs are still relevant and appeal to customers while responding to seasonal demand fluctuations.

Over the course of a year, you may offer period-specific or limited-edition promotions for certain items, and your package provider is equipped to handle these modifications easily using computer-aided tools and assembly line automation.


Quick Turnaround

Competitive markets demand that you quickly offer new products or design sales campaigns based on seasonal and holiday themes and dynamic consumer tastes.

Product packaging manufacturers can handle these demands without sacrificing quality standards.

Using the latest technology, they can quickly alter machine and software parameters to produce new packaging versions within accelerated timeframes, allowing you to get your wares to market on time and maintain service levels.


Prototyping Capabilities

designer-design-product-packaging-prototype-smallBefore picking a new design, it’s helpful to test different styles and versions to see which one fits your product’s traits and requirements.

Often, using drawings or computer imagery isn’t enough to adequately judge the container’s potential.

It’s not until you can hold the package in your hands and interact with each part of it that you can choose the best version.

Going through a prototype phase allows you to evaluate different sizes and shapes, materials, and labeling to gain insights through hands-on testing.

You might even offer real-world customers free samples in exchange for their honest feedback on your packaging prototypes.

Manufacturers can quickly and cost-effectively produce and iterate minimal examples of new designs, allowing customers to evaluate them for appearance, function, and durability.

Each subsequent version can be altered and refined until one meeting each requirement is selected for mass production.


Testing Capabilities

Once a working prototype is produced, rigorous testing is required to ensure the container is durable, safe, and performs well under the challenges it faces as it moves through the supply chain.

Product packaging manufacturers perform compression and drop tests using state-of-the-art machinery to simulate common shipping mishaps.

They’ll also test the effects of extreme temperatures on not only the outer shell but also the package’s contents.

Food contents are especially vulnerable, and their packaging requires specifications to ensure air and water tightness, tamper-proofing, and traits promoting extended shelf life.

You want your products to arrive intact and free of contamination. Let the experts create a solution by finding and addressing the weaknesses in your preferred package design before signing off on the mass production of your container choice.


Volume Pricing

Once you’ve selected your favorite prototype design, moving into the production phase with a product packaging manufacturer means you can take advantage of bulk order savings.

Because producers are adept at keeping expenses low, you’ll receive the best grade of raw materials available while paying a competitive rate.

Forging a long-term relationship gives you the cost stability companies covet in competitive, low-margin markets.

When you commit to ongoing packaging orders, you often enjoy favorable terms, increasing profitability.

Look for further negotiation opportunities for services such as prototyping, new label graphic designs, and first access to emerging types of raw materials or container styles.


Brand Amplification

Turn_Up_brand-volume_dialIn consumer goods packaging, the container’s design is more than just aesthetics. You have the opportunity to tell your company’s compelling story and reinforce the connection with your loyal customers.

Product packaging manufacturers help transport and protect your products while creating another channel for brand elevation.

They lead design innovation by evaluating production techniques, testing new materials, and constantly pushing the boundaries of existing graphic design and printing technology.

Using resourceful features like tactile outer finishes, unique shapes, and bold graphics with vibrant colors using your trademarked phrases and logos, you can leverage quality container layout to amplify your brand throughout the package’s journey from your factory to consumers’ hands.


Collaborative Packaging Success

Today’s consumers are busier than ever. Schedules are tight, and free time is limited.

They love your products, but if you cannot deliver quickly, there are other options. Avoid getting bogged down with costly design and prototyping work.

Enjoy these benefits and more by partnering with an experienced product packaging manufacturer like Catalpha for your existing lineups or your next launch.

Get in touch with our expert team of product packaging maufasturers today and let us help you take your buiness to the next level.


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