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New Outdoor Products Require Packaging Design That Attracts, Educates and Persuades

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 Here are 5 new products from BBQ Dragon that really show some innovation in the grilling channel.  Besides the BBQ Dragon product itself which you can see in action here, these products take the ordinary and step it up to a new level!  The package design needed to follow that same level of thinking. Not only extend the brand look originally established on the Dragon package, but structurally, these packages had to fit unique shapes and highlight important features. As you can see, the 'hot' flames imagery and Dragon design were combined with multiple package styles to wrap, attach, hold the products, yet still display well in store.  Watch for these products in your local hardware or outdoor store as they roll out in the near future.



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Transcript of the above video:

Hey this is Don Keller and I’m in the backyard of Catalpha, and we’ve got some products out that we just did some packaging for and I think really fit the backyard obviously. These are barbeque products, perfect for this time of the year.

But these are some cool products from the makers of BBQ Dragon, and BBQ Dragon is a tool that helps you start charcoal fires faster.

These are some new products they’ve just come out with and we packaged them and we think they’re pretty cool so that’s what I’m showing you these today. This is the Chimney Of Insanity, you put your charcoal in here, you hook up the BBQ Dragon, it blasts air through here and gets your charcoal going even faster than before, so you can see this is pretty cool stuff that he’s got in here that they made.

Here’s another cool product that also is barbeque related. This is grate for the top of your Weber Grill, and as you can see, it’s gonna slide things out of the way so if you’ve got flareups, you can move it of the way and also it has a little gate on the side.

If you got a Weber Grill, you know you don't have these things. It also has two levels here so you could flip this over so you could get things a little closer or a little further away from the coals. Again, great barbeque product.

This is a product that you never saw before. This is what they call a Dragon Wing but it’s a shelf that fits on to your Weber Grill as you can see it hooks right on the side of it, and stays there by tension basically. But this is the package we’ve come up with for it, and we’re expecting that to be a pretty good seller.

Then he’s got a couple of tools, hand tools, that do the trick. This is the brush, as you expect any grill to have. This is not just any brush, this is THE brush you need, great for cleaning things off quick and it’s indestructible.

And then this, is the Dragon Toolset, which is pretty cool because this is not your basic fork, this is a fork that has a claw in it, the ‘Dragon Claw’, so you can quickly grab a hunk of meat off your grill and move it over to another spot if you need to or flip it over, and this is kind of like a combo-serving and moving tool for on top of your grill as well.

So again, some great products from BBQ Dragon and some pretty cool packaging aren’t they?

Thanks, hope to see you again.

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