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Digital Purchasing Habits You Need To Know

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It has been 10 years since iPhone was launched changing the way we keep in touch and shop. Here are some interesting stats that should be used to plan and execute your website and marketing plans. Consumers are demanding innovative ecommerce shopping experiences. Those "smart" businesses that innovate will benefit with an increase their customer base and bottom line.

We offer these insights as you prepare for the holiday shopping season. You marketing should be as fluid as the search results from Google.

42percent-in1st-hour.jpg42% of purchases happen within the first hour a shopper browses.

This is from data gathered by Monetate in the 1stQ of 2016. It shows a significant amount of purchases occur in the first 60 minutes of a shopper's first visit to a website. And percent drops significantly over time. Only 9% of purchases happen  in the six hours immediately following the first hour.

Look at your visitor bounce rate and compare individual web page bounce time to see where you can improve consumer engagement. It goes without saying that a fast loading page performs much better than a slower competitors.

More than 1/3rd of consumers start their shopping search on Amazon

Over a few years now researchers have reported data that shoppers start online. PowerReviews study provides more details.  

  • 21% start on a specific retailer site   
  • 35% start on Google   
  • 38% start on Amazon
  • 6% start on other e-commerce market[places like eBay

Paypal converts 87.5% of shoppers

Wow! More often I hear people say they don't want to use Paypal. Their must be a silent majority. Data from ComScore shows that PayPal converts online shoppers better than other payment solutions. Visa Checkout had a 51.2 percent conversion rate, with all other payment types having a 45.6 percent rate for converting shoppers. You may want to consider offering more than one payment option at check out - it may help you bag more sales.


62percent-search-online.jpg62% Go straight to search engines to find ideas and prices for holiday gifts before they buy

That is in line with everything I read for any shopping even B2B shoppers. The internet has opened up the world so shoppers become informed before they step into a retail store or make that final online trip to the seller. Check this out this article for 3 ecommerce strategies that pay off.

A few more facts:

  • 73% of consumers use their mobile phone while shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.
  • 59% Prefer to shop at businesses that have the best discounts and promotions, regardless of the business size.
  • 55% Want to get holiday-themed emails and social ads from local businesses in November.
  • 25% Start thinking about holiday shopping in October.
  • 78% Search for deals or discounts prior to visiting a store for their holiday shopping.
  • 82% of shoppers use their phone to look up store information while they’re out shopping.
  • 61% of shoppers said they prefer to stay within 10 miles of their home to holiday shop.
  • 59% want to shop at businesses that have the best discounts and promotions, regardless of business size.

Coupons, holiday sales, and a responsive website...oh my!

I tell my clients that a website is never complete - it is a work in progress even for service companies. People are hungry for information and smart phones deliver information immediately. Unfortunately there are a lot of businesses who think of their website a brochure and tool for their sales people. The data in this article talks about ecommerce shopping but it spans to any shopping. Holiday or not - your consumer wants the best deal. Holiday or not - your customer is researching you and your competitors before you ever know it.

Look around you when you are relaxing over dinner at your favoriite restaurant. How many people do you see looking at their phones - not talking to their dinner partner? It's a lot. I find myself doing it as well to fill time between conversations AND to respond to conversations.

The businesses that are mobile friendly, provide options for payment, delivers pages fast with great pictures and special offers have he foundation for successful online sales. The only thing that could disrupt success would be not having products or services customers want.

We offer a guide to redesign your website that is helpful for those who are looking to improve their site without a full redesign. It goes over content, navigation and SEO. For in-depth ecommerce website help give us a call. We'll give you an initial 30 minute consultation free where you will get some advise that you can take action on yourself.


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