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4 Ways To Use Instagram to Improve SEO and Branding

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Who would have known that an app that started as a mere photo-sharing platform would today rise to become one of the most popular apps? With users spending 53 minutes on Instagram daily, it is safe to say that if you aren’t using this social media platform to boost your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

time on social apsHaving a business website makes improving search engine optimization one of your prime concerns but when ones talks about improving SEO, Instagram is certainly not one of the first few things that comes to mind. However, did you know that apart from a host of benefits this platform offers, it also has an indirect role to play in improving your search rankings?

How, you ask? Here are 4 ways to optimize your Instagram presence and improve your website’s SEO ranking -

Optimize Instagram Profile

The first thing people see when they land on your Instagram page is your profile which is why you need to optimize that given space to build your brand persona.

Your Instagram handle needs to be in line with your brand or company name and preferably the same as your other social media handles to maintain consistency. Include a succinct description in the profile that best describes your brand.

Instagram allows you to only add one link and that’s on your profile description so use it well. You should add a link to your website here but feel free to keep changing it to specific landing pages. For instance, if you have recently launched a campaign, you can replace it with a link to the campaign for a period of time.

It is also a good idea to include relevant keywords in your Instagram name and profile description to improve searchability.

After all, there are times when your Instagram profile may rank above your website. In such cases, you would want it to perfectly reflect your brand persona.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Posting on social media? Hashtags are a must-use. They make your brand discoverable while increasing reach.

It’s important to use a mix of brand-related hashtags and relevant trending hashtags in your posts to show up in the search results. Don’t make the mistake of using too many of them as it makes your posts appear spammy and dilutes the key communication.

Share Engaging Content

Whether it’s search engine or social media algorithms, content is what matters the most. Hence, you need to be committed to posting engaging, quality content on a regular basis in order to remain relevant and rank higher in search engine results.

So, tell your brand story on Instagram through different formats from static images to videos and GIFs, host contests and giveaways, encourage user-generated content and make the most of the features this platform offers such as Instagram Stories and Instagram Live.

Remember, the more engaging your content is, the more shareable it is – which is a huge criterion for SEO rankings.

Geotag Posts

How often do you fill the ‘location’ space while posting on Instagram? You may wonder if that small step even matters. Well, it certainly does.

By geotagging your posts, you cater to local followers and increase brand awareness and reach. It enhances visibility because every time someone in the area, clicks on the location, your post has chances to show up.

This boosts engagement and search rankings. So, the next time you are posting on Instagram, don’t forget to enter the ‘location’.

Author Bio: Adela Belin is the Head of Digital Marketing at Writers Per Hour. She creates content surrounding marketing with a focus on social media and digital marketing. Feel free to contact Adela on LinkedIn.

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