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1-Minute Video Can Move Shopper To Buyer

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Bloomindale's and Cotton rolled out a 1-minute interactive video giving shoppers a fashion show experience. Using a celebrity host and targeting Gen Z, the virtual runway featured young models on the cat-walk in a variety of outfits that the viewer could purchase with a call-to-action button.

A more personal experience with ability to buy throughout the video takes shopping to the next level. The consumer gets to see product detailing and feel like they are at a fashion show. It seems like you constantly read that retailing and shopping trends are changing. Predicting where it will all end up is impossible. It's best to start with the basics:

  1. Evaluate the market
  2. Strengthen your message
  3. Incorporate new marketing tools

Evaluate The Market

This isn't new. Regardless of the decade or future, you need to know where your brand stands in the market. Does it meet a need? Does it have an advantage over the competition?

Strengthen Your Message

Knowing your target audience provides the incite on how they shop and why they buy. This strategy hasn't changed since we began to barter for goods. Are you leveraging your advantages every way possible? Refreshing your message and aligning it to consumers considering the shopping venue is never ending. You never find a message that will be kept for the life of the brand. That has never been more evident than the last 2 years and our adapting to pandemic and post pandemic.

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Incorporate New Marketing Tools

Which tools you should use hinges on where you can reach your audience. No denying that  most of your audience is shopping online. Just like TV, there are more places to place ads than your budget can afford. Video ads have gained in popularity because they are proving extremely effective now serving up quick information in accordance with platform. You only have a few seconds before the visitor clicks off and a visual story does that more quickly than words. Video provides sound and images to show your brand and sell your product or service. Then consider where to find your consumers. TikTok is one of the new influencer platforms and big brands are jumping in testing their messages.

Don't be afraid of trying a new advertising solution. You could be a trendsetter in your market area.

Don't be afraid of trying a new advertising solution. You could be a trendsetter in your market area. But, get educated on how to use it successfully.  For  example, online ad budgets can be used up quickly if demographics are improperly applied to the ad settings. This is one of the places where a professional is worth their weight in gold. Someone who understands your market and your business goals can more execute your branding and marketing allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. I depended on employees and vendor partners for collaboration to develop and execute best solutions.

Video ads have increased Catalpha's marketing response rate by 10%. And we are testing different messages to cover all our audiences interests. Let us do the same for you. From fine tuning your brand image on your printed cartons to expanding your marketing reach using online ads, we can leverage your marketing to the next level.

Call Don today. You have everything to gain, nothing to loose.

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