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Unique Dielines Create Standout (and Effective) Packaging!

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Good product packaging doesn't always have to be 'expensive' packaging. Here's an example of a creative package that highlights the product's features and attracts attention, all while keeping packaging costs down at the same time.Understanding the product, what attracts attention and what's possible with a few creative folds, glues and die cut shapes can get you onto the shelf for a reasonable cost.  Next time you need a stand out package, think Catalpha.

Transcript of the above video:

HI – this is Don Keller again with Catalpha Branding and Packaging

And I wanted to take a minute of your time to show you how our packaging design can highlight the uniqueness of your product and still keep costs in check

Here it is, the Roller Bumper product. Well what is it? You say.

And that’s just what would happen when you’re in store and looking through the paint aisle.

This is a product that attaches to your paint roller and keeps you from painting the ceiling when you didn’t really want to.

If you are like me, that can happen pretty easily.

So, this product attaches to your roller and ‘bumps the ceiling before your paint filled roller does. Pretty cool idea, huh?

Well how do you package something like that?

We came up with a very unique way.

Custom dielines that reduce costs are one of our unique offerings! This package allows your customer to see the product in action and quickly see the advantages!

It allows the customer to be interactive with the product. How can you put this down after you’ve held it?

A couple of interesting folds and glues and you’ve got a package that looks good, attracts attention and explains the product.

Ba-da-bing, Ba-da-boom! That’s a grand slam of packaging!

Thanks for watching and hope to see you again on our next packaging moment.

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