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What To Expect When Your Custom Printed Retail Package Boxes Are Delivered.

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Many clients that we work with are unsure of what to expect as a final product when we create packaging.  "How does this work?" is a common phrase.  So, to help educate, I put together a quick video to show actual printed samples of our work and how they are delivered to our clients.  As you will see, all printed packages are delivered flat and packed conveniently in boxes.  They are die cut, scored and glued and ready for the client to do the pack out.

Clients that are doing small quantities (5,000 and under) of product packaging tend to want to do the 'pack out' (add the product to the package) on their own to save money.  Once your sales reach a higher quantity, you may have other thoughts on how you plan to finalize your packaging. 

I hope this helps.  If you have questions, please comment below or use any form on this site.

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Transcript of the about video:

HI – this is Don Keller again with Catalpha Branding and Packaging

 And I wanted to take a minute of your time to show you how our packages are delivered to you.

Many of our clients have never ordered packages before, so seeing the final product should make sense.

What we’ve got here is a 5 panel hanger box.   It not only holds the product but it has an extra section here that contains the peg hook hole. So it gives you a little more billboard space.

It also keeps you from having to add one of those plastic, self stick hanger tags

Those work for some instances but in this case, the client wanted it built in. That’s also a part of what we’ll create for you. We’ll determine the size of the box to fit your product.

In this box, you can see that we also have a window but no plastic cover. That’s another option to include the plastic in the window or not.

Totally depends on how you plan to display this in store. In the case of this project, the product will be placed in the box while covered in a plastic bag. So no dirty fingers to get all over the product.

OK, here’s the main reason I made this video. I wanted to show you that when you printed packages arrive to you, they’ll look like this.

They are obviously printed, and also die cut, scored and glued.

All you will need to do is fold them along the scores, tuck the end flap, place your product in side and you’re done.

Here’s another package. In this case, this product was a sheet of reflective material and an envelope style package worked for them. Again, same case as the other box, it arrived flat

Thanks for watching and hope to see you again on our next packaging moment.


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