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Marketing Insights

5 Offline Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales On Your Website

Posted by Don Keller

For companies that operate online, usually all of their sales are generated on the web.

But, in order to stand out in today’s quite competitive online marketing sea, more and more brands are incorporating some offline marketing tactics as well in order to grow their businesses.

Offline marketing, especially when combined with online marketing strategies can be very effective in boosting sales on your website.

Not much can compare with the power that human interaction has as well as having your customers feel and touch the product you are offering.

Delivering the right offline marketing experience can surely set you ahead of your competition.

Here are 5 offline marketing ideas that will help you boost sales on your website:

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Creative Ways To Increase Your Company's Visibility

Posted by Nick Rojas

Consumers are bombarded by messages from companies every day - billboards while they drive, ads while they browse the web, and commercials on television are just a few. This means just pushing out content and advertising isn’t going to be enough to attract new customers. In order to attract brand loyalty, you need to be memorable. Luckily, companies often have vastly different demographics, which means we can learn from their example. Here are some creative ways to increase your company’s visibility:

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5 Marketing Ideas To Improve Your Skilled Nursing Home Marketing

Posted by Don Keller

Mom fell. Which put her in the hospital. Now the doctor says she is doing better but shouldn’t be at home by herself. Dad can’t care for her, he’s having some problems of his own and just doesn’t have the physical strength to help her. 

The adult children meet to discuss. They can’t stay home with Mom, they have jobs and their own responsibilities.

They start their search for help. First by picking up their smart phone, they get online and search for nursing homes near them...

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Why is Packaging Design Artwork Key in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Posted by Don Keller

The pharmaceutical industry stands for one of the most demanding industries in the world and as such has a developed set of packaging quality control rules and regulations under the authority of the FDA.

The specific regulations relate to a whole range of necessary activities in the production, research, creation of new products, their protection and market placement.

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Why it's hard to market expensive products

Posted by Karen Kerski

High priced products have always been a tougher sale. Technology has changed the way we shop but hasn’t shortened the process. What has changed is where people access information and recommendations. It’s easier to get a lot of information quickly without going to the library.

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3 Big Ideas for Brand Success in 2017

Posted by Don Keller

Brand masters know they need a meaningful, long-term relationship with their primary customers. Patriot’s and Raven’s are not the only companies needing raving fans. Studying successful names like Dorito’s and Coca-Cola will reveal the principles that will lead your business to build sustainable growth and brand impression.

Here are 3 strategies taken from our 30 years of working with international and national brands.

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5 Questions To Use To Define Your Customer Personas

Posted by Karen Kerski

Do you truly know who your best customers are? Do you know what motivates them to purchase? Most times I ask my clients this there often identify every demographic because they don't want to walk away from any prospect. Let's admit it is difficult to work on your own marketing. Running your business is more enjoyable than digging through dry facts or looking for data that is asked for by these 5 key questions. There will be a lot of similarities, common traits for your customers. It is the unique facts we want to uncover, things that will break down your customer list into multiple personas.

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