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Marketing Insights

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Brand Refresh

Posted by Don Keller

A strong brand is essential to the success of any business. It sets you apart from competitors and helps customers remember you. But what happens when your brand no longer resonates with your target audience? Without a strong brand, especially in today’s ever-competitive landscape, it can be very easy to become forgettable which can be detrimental to your business’ success moving forward. 

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Persuasive Point of Purchase Displays POP Your Products - 50 Samples!

Posted by Don Keller

Doing well in retail is something every brand is striving to achieve. Once a customer is in store, how do you capture their attention and sell to them? The answer, my friend, is not 'blowing in the wind', it's found in your point of sale marketing.

Let's dive deeper into the world of POP marketing...

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Topics: Design, Point of Purchase Displays, Retail

6 Compelling Package Branding Design Case Studies

Posted by Michael Garlitz

All brands have a story to tell...the compelling reason that they came to be, the inspiration that planted the seed...the aspiration that drives them forward. Branding Design is distilling that essence—that energy and inertia—into a tangible (and hopefully impressionable) statement about a company and its products.

A logo brandmark and packaging are extensions of Branding Design— both are visual touchpoints put out to a target audience in hopes of engagement. They form opinions in the minds of consumers about a product its source, therefore it's important that Branding Design be true to the company's core values in order to gain consumer loyalty.

Below are 6 compelling Branding Design Case Studies that Catalpha has had the opportunity to develop.

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Packaging Design Process - Start to Finish [with Video]

Posted by Michael Garlitz

Follow us as we go step by step through the design and production process for packaging the Combat Comb Pet Product. From our initial structural design and package design concepts through to the final printed package. 

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Topics: Branding, Packaging Design, Design, Package Copywriting, product packaging

Why Every Business Needs Market Research.

Posted by Karen Kerski

Sound business decisions come from knowledge, verifiable facts. Experience has value but it needs to be supported with proof that is why market research is considered so critical by every successful business. Research gives you the information to create and produce the right product.

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Top 10 Packaging Design Blogs for 2016

Posted by Charlie Miller

Inspiring Packaging Designers Worldwide!

Are you starting a new packaging design or branding project in 2016? Then you're starting in the right place. We've updated our popular blog post of 2015's Top Ten Packaging Design Blogs into this year's best list.

This edited list contains some old favorites but also contains new upcoming blogs we thought did the packaging design industry proud.

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How Your Custom Packaging Design Gets Printed

Posted by Don Keller

I recently went on a press inspection for a packaging project and it got me to thinking that many of our customers probably have no idea how their package is made. To remedy that, I’m writing this post to show you the basics of how your artwork gets onto your box and into your hands.

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