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Marketing Insights

Customer Engagement Online Strategies

Posted by Nick Rojas

The world is always-on, with little to no rest for companies these days. As a result, customers expect brands to meet their needs in real time. This means that the wall between customer and brand is getting smaller. Brands are expected to engage with their customers to build a relationship. Customers want answers to their questions, their feelings heard, and problems fixed. It is up to the brand to connect with customers and there are several ways to accomplish this.

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Ways Digital Marketing Is Fueling the Automotive Industry & Others

Posted by Nick Rojas

Digital marketing is infiltrating every industry and the automotive industry is no exception. The way consumers shop for cars has changed, as the bulk of the shopping process now takes place outside of the dealership. Established car dealers have been joined by services like CarFax, Cars.com, and Car Gurus that act as one-stop shops for the car-buying experience.

Research has shown that customers have progressed 60% through the purchasing process before the retailer or brand has an opportunity to interface with them.

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4 Ways To Use Instagram to Improve SEO and Branding

Posted by Adela Belin

Who would have known that an app that started as a mere photo-sharing platform would today rise to become one of the most popular apps? With users spending 53 minutes on Instagram daily, it is safe to say that if you aren’t using this social media platform to boost your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

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Creative Ways To Increase Your Company's Visibility

Posted by Nick Rojas

Consumers are bombarded by messages from companies every day - billboards while they drive, ads while they browse the web, and commercials on television are just a few. This means just pushing out content and advertising isn’t going to be enough to attract new customers. In order to attract brand loyalty, you need to be memorable. Luckily, companies often have vastly different demographics, which means we can learn from their example. Here are some creative ways to increase your company’s visibility:

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Top Tools to Boost Your Social-Media Productivity

Posted by Karen Kerski

Nearly every business includes social media in their marketing mix. Larger companies have the man power or budgets to allocate to their SMC. As a business owner your goal is to find where your prospects are online so you can be in front of them. A social media consultant can assist with targeting your efforts to get the most from your SMC investment. Every ones customers are active on some social platform even if their age demographic is 55-64. That age group is the fastest growing segment on Twitter.

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Choosing a Social Media Consultant

Posted by Karen Kerski

Are you using social media to promote your business successfully? Or are you still watching unsure of the advantage your company will gain? I only advise social media when a company has their other advertising plans working well. That includes that their website is built well and has optimized SEO and PPC marketing efforts.

I am going to make a statement you rarely, if ever, will hear. Social media may not be right for you, for your business, because you can get greater ROI elsewhere and/or you aren’t prepared to execute it regularly.

Social media success depends on regularly posting to the networks that your customers are on and developing a loyal following. In all honesty, it is not quick or easy though in theory it is simple. Determine which social media has the biggest audience of your customers and engage them there. Sounds easy but it can use a lot of time with difficulty in measuring results. Measuring results is more than how many people saw your post.

Coca Cola was one of the first brands to embrace and use Facebook and other social platforms to market their brands. 2 years ago they evaluated their efforts and Ad Age published that Coca Cola found the social media attributed to “0” sales. That’s correct. Their big efforts on Facebook did not achieve any sales of their product. They were ok with that because their efforts on Facebook and other social media sites is to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Please continue reading because you have to define the results you want from social media before interviewing consultants. If they tell you they can show results quickly it may not be the results you expect.

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Email, SEO, Content, and Social Media: The 4 Elements of Inbound Mktg

Posted by Don Keller

Inbound marketing solutions help businesses' websites rank higher on search engine result pages. Higher ranks help get more web traffic. The more traffic websites get, the more business leads they generate. The more business leads there are, the more e-commerce sales opportunities there are.

Basically, inbound marketing strategies lead directly to big profits. In fact, e-commerce generated about $1 trillion in 2011, and about $1.2 trillion in 2013, showing that it continues to grow and grow each year.

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