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Marketing Insights

The Importance Of Packaging In E-Commerce During Covid-19

Posted by Don Keller

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many e-commerce businesses have prospered as more people have made the move to buying online. As more online retailers have entered the e-commerce space, however, competition is increasing and you need to ensure that your offerings stand out in a crowded market.

To gain a foothold in the market, you need to make the right impression with your customers from the moment they come into contact with your product, and that starts with the packaging.

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Catalpha Helps Brands Make an Impression Through Print

Posted by Cassandra Balentine

Catalpha was recently featured in the May edition of Digital Publishing Solutions magazine.  DPS is a publication read by the nation’s top industry print professionals.  Their issues highlight interviews, product features and company profiles along with up to date content covering what’s new in the industry.  The following is an article interviewed and written by editor, Cassandra Balentine. It highlights Catalpha's professional branding and design capabilities and how our unique packaging and point of purchase displays are printed digitally.  

Brand owners often contend with similar products from their competitors on a store shelf. First impression is of utmost importance, and it's where packaging plays a pivotal role.

Digital print technologies present opportunities to add value throughout the creative and production processes.

To ensure success, brands both big and small look to professional designers and marketers to launch and promote new products.

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7 In-Store Strategies To Help You Succeed In Busy Grocery Stores Post Covid-19

Posted by Don Keller

The past few months have hit economies hard all around the world. With non-essential businesses being forced to close down in many countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult for conventional retailers to keep pace with what is going on.

Although eCommerce remains strong, most business owners have the impression that retail stores, including grocery stores, are on the decline.

However, this could not be further from the truth.

In fact, people are spending more at grocery stores now than they were several months ago. For many households, the coronavirus has generated more demand for grocery products.

This has created a surprising, if welcome, opportunity that businesses need to reflect on in the coming weeks and months, namely, standing out in the grocery store environment to secure more business, despite the coronavirus.

Let’s look at how rethinking your in-store strategies and displays for grocery stores that will help your business seize the opportunity presented by the COVID recovery.

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Creating A Brand Identity For Multiple Products

Posted by Michael Garlitz

Great! - you have a brand, a professional logo, a line of products ready for retail, and a slew of other future products in the wing. It’s time to get those products in packaging ready for retail.

Your products each have feature and benefits unique to their purpose, which will be important to get across to the consumer. They may also need to be in different types of packaging, and in various sizes. They may even be sold in different departments in a retail environment.

Regardless of all of the differentiators, one thing should ALWAYS hold true—the packaging should always REFLECT YOUR BRAND.

Someone picking up one of your products in housewares, should be able to recognize one of your products sold in hardware.

Collectively your group of products will become the visual representation of your brand persona. This, along with your product reputation is what builds brand recognition and equity.

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Topics: Packaging Design

Stand Up Pouches [The Perfect Package for Your Product]

Posted by Don Keller

Making sure that your product looks great, sells well and stands out from the crowd on the supermarket shelves is crucial in today’s competitive market.

Different types of packaging will work better for particular product types and packaging designs. However, one option that is taking the packaging world by storm due to its incredible versatility is the Flexible Stand Up Pouch.

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Topics: Packaging Design

4 Successful Packaging Redesign Stories

Posted by Don Keller

The reasons to redesign your package are varied but they usually boil down to one thing - lack of sales.  Whether its an old design that no longer stands out, or your product has ‘outgrown’ its original design because of new features or new competition has entered the market.  Redesigning offers you the opportunity to rethink your packaging, bring it up to speed and kickstart product sales.

Of course, that is IF you do it right. Below are 4 packaging redesigns projects.  With detailed reasons of why they were undertaken and what insights were used to direct design.  Take a look - perhaps there are similarities with your packaging.

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Custom Sales Kits: WOW Your Customers and Increase Your Sales

Posted by Don Keller

Every savvy business owner knows you have to stand out to succeed. Customized sales or marketing kits can do just that when launching new products or selling premium price products.

Sales kits are an excellent means of putting the uniqueness of your brand and company on display while showing the recipient that they are important.

But we all know it’s a big investment and the kits need to have specific results… drive sales. Basically these are direct response tools and are only successful if they get a response, a sale, or create enough interest to make the customer pick up the phone.

Custom sales kits are essentially a condensed representation of what your business and products are all about – a kind of portfolio of your business’ products and services.

Services provided by custom sales kit designers and manufacturers can assist you in telling the narrative of your brand precisely and uniquely to get the biggest impression.

Attractively designed sales kits increase your brand and product visibility by giving customers a tactile, sensory experience, involving them in the discovery of your message.

Presentation kits are great for both impressing new customers and functioning as a stand-alone product display tool for retail settings.

Let’s look at these custom sales kits a little more closely to see how they can benefit your business, regardless of your niche or industry, and how to go about using them effectively.

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