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Corrugate Package Printing—Litho Laminate vs Digital Printing [Video] Which Is Best For You?

Posted by Don Keller

We're often asked what is the best way to print my package. The answer depends on your needs. Are you developing a prototype or, are you ready to produce high quantities of your product?

In this article we cover the different types of printing as well as the best option for your specific needs.

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Topics: package design, packaging, package printing

How much will my packaging cost? - The most burning question in the packaging design world today!

Posted by Don Keller

Updated September, 2019

PACKAGE PRICING - this is an aspect of retail product packaging that I wrestle with everyday.

The price of producing product packaging is a concern no matter the size of the brand - including companies that have been around for 100 years. Everyone is trying to get on the shelf for the least amount of money.

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Topics: Packaging Design, packaging, package printing


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