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Top 10 Packaging Design Blogs for 2016

Posted by Charlie Miller

Inspiring Packaging Designers Worldwide!

Are you starting a new packaging design or branding project in 2016? Then you're starting in the right place. We've updated our popular blog post of 2015's Top Ten Packaging Design Blogs into this year's best list.

This edited list contains some old favorites but also contains new upcoming blogs we thought did the packaging design industry proud.

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Topics: Branding, Packaging Design, Design

A Guide to Choosing the Right CMS For Your Business Website

Posted by Charlie Miller

Content Management Systems (CMS) are getting a lot of buzz. What is a CMS? Good question! CMS is software that is installed on the web server where your website is hosted. Much like you install and run software on your computer.

The common feature of all CMS is an "Admin" area. This is where you can login to modify, add, or edit your website. This is one of the features that our clients have been looking for. It allows you to make content edits to your website without the need to call your ad agency or web designer.

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Topics: Website Design

How Do They Do That? 3 Tools for analyzing websites

Posted by Charlie Miller

Have you ever visited a website and wondered how it's made or seen a feature you would like to implement on your site? It's easy to peek behind the curtain and see what makes a website tick. Whether you want to evaluate your own site or check out the competition these 3 basic tools will get you started. And best of all - they are free and you use them right in your web browser!

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Topics: Business Management, Website Design

The SEO Question of The Day...

Posted by Charlie Miller

How much content do you need to rank?

There are so many opinions when it comes to content length. I was told you need 1000 words now per blog. But you have to be careful not to overload it with your keyword. It can seem a bit contradictory when the number of times the subject is in the article can hinder your SEO results.

SEO is constantly changing and difficult for most to understand. We recommend that you monitor your results through Google analytics and any other dashboards you have access to as well as the best indicator, sales and traffic you can account came from your website and marketing efforts.

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Topics: Online Marketing

How To Work with a Creative Agency

Posted by Charlie Miller

The Design ProcessI know a lot of people that are packaging a product or starting their marketing have not worked with a creative agency before. They have questions and understandably so. I've put together a quick guide to help those that want to take that next step and improve their marketing or their packaging.

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Topics: Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Packaging Design

How To Create Value Through Your Employees & Culture

Posted by Charlie Miller

The Best Way To Increase Sales And Profitability: You Won't Believe It

While companies implement campaigns using every kind of media on earth to bolster their revenues, the best way to increase sales and profitability is by, first and foremost, fielding a championship team of employees.

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Topics: Marketing


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