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Marketing Insights

Catalpha Helps Brands Make an Impression Through Print

Posted by Cassandra Balentine

Catalpha was recently featured in the May edition of Digital Publishing Solutions magazine.  DPS is a publication read by the nation’s top industry print professionals.  Their issues highlight interviews, product features and company profiles along with up to date content covering what’s new in the industry.  The following is an article interviewed and written by editor, Cassandra Balentine. It highlights Catalpha's professional branding and design capabilities and how our unique packaging and point of purchase displays are printed digitally.  

Brand owners often contend with similar products from their competitors on a store shelf. First impression is of utmost importance, and it's where packaging plays a pivotal role.

Digital print technologies present opportunities to add value throughout the creative and production processes.

To ensure success, brands both big and small look to professional designers and marketers to launch and promote new products.

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Topics: Branding, Packaging Design, Point of Purchase Displays, Print

7 In-Store Strategies To Help You Succeed In Busy Grocery Stores Post Covid-19

Posted by Don Keller

The past few months have hit economies hard all around the world. With non-essential businesses being forced to close down in many countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult for conventional retailers to keep pace with what is going on.

Although eCommerce remains strong, most business owners have the impression that retail stores, including grocery stores, are on the decline.

However, this could not be further from the truth.

In fact, people are spending more at grocery stores now than they were several months ago. For many households, the coronavirus has generated more demand for grocery products.

This has created a surprising, if welcome, opportunity that businesses need to reflect on in the coming weeks and months, namely, standing out in the grocery store environment to secure more business, despite the coronavirus.

Let’s look at how rethinking your in-store strategies and displays for grocery stores that will help your business seize the opportunity presented by the COVID recovery.

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Topics: Packaging Design, Product Development, Point of Purchase Displays, Food Packaging Design, Retail

What To Expect From Working With A Point Of Purchase Display Company

Posted by Don Keller

One of the biggest issues that businesses face is standing out from the competition.

What often gets neglected in strategy sessions involving this problem is the importance of standing out in the store. And this is where a point of purchase display company can help.

While many consumers enter a store knowing the type of product they are looking for, though they often do not have a definitive brand in mind.

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Topics: Point of Purchase Displays

How To Succeed With CBD In-Store Marketing Using Point Of Purchase Displays

Posted by Don Keller

Develop an effective POP in-store display strategy for you retail product

Whether you are marketing cannabidiol-heavy cannabis strains and products to medical patients, women, baby boomers or weekend warriors, there are ways to boost CBD sales in an evolving, competitive market. Among other things, the goals of your business are to build confidence in CBD brands, market to targeted consumers and upsell your products. It is essential to know how to take these higher-level goals and work towards them through simple and actionable steps.

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Topics: Point of Purchase Displays, CBD Product Packaging

How To Assemble Different Types Of POP Floor Displays (Video)

Posted by Don Keller

I'm going to show you three different custom floor displays that we've created and how to assemble them.

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Topics: Branding, Point of Purchase Displays, Package Printing

How Much Does a Point of Purchase Display Cost? [with Video]

Posted by Don Keller

Point of purchase (POP) display costs are determined by 3 Factors: Material, Size AND Quantity

Let’s discuss these options to see if they fit your needs.

First of all - let’s talk Material.  How long will this display need to last?  Is it temporary? And only intended to be up for weeks or months?  Most of these types of displays are made from corrugate or sturdy coated paper stock.

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Topics: Point of Purchase Displays

7 Reasons Why You Thought Your Product Didn't Need a POP Display (And Why They're Wrong)

Posted by Don Keller

You've developed your product and tested it with focus groups. Your customer feedback on its effectiveness is fantastic.

You've also done your social media campaigns and spent most of what your budget allows for advertising and marketing.

You've poured all your time and resources into the product. Now it's time to watch it fly off the shelves.

When you decided to make the jump, and launch in retail outlets, you also decided to cut costs by letting your product go on a shelf.

Of course, it happens to be sitting right next to its competition.

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