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Marketing Insights

How To Add An Instagram Feed On Website?

Posted by Elena leoo

If you maintain a lively social media presence across all the platforms, especially those with a strong visual focus like Instagram, Great! But if it doesn't engage your potential clients, what is the point?

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Topics: Social Media, Branding, Content Creation

What You Can Do Now To Ensure Your Business Is Set For Success After Covid-19

Posted by Don Keller

Coronavirus is certainly a new challenge that all business owners are facing these days. Social restrictions and regulations are significantly impacting the bottom lines of many businesses, and many owners are even facing the prospect of permanent closures brought on by the impacts of the virus. However, while the economic damage caused by COVID-19 is certainly something that needs to be considered, prioritized, and tackled, it is likely the case that your business was facing some wicked problems before the virus hit.

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Topics: Marketing, Business Management, Website Design, SEO, Content Creation, Retail

Kickstart Your Campaign: Incorporating Video In Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Andre Oentoro

Content marketing is ever-evolving. Years ago, blog posts were a hit but nowadays, a blog post without any images or videos is as good as nothing (according to Google). Thanks to the growth of social media platforms and Google’s algorithms, content marketers are always looking for the next strategy to end up first on the search results page.

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Topics: Branding, Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Creation

4 Ways To Use Instagram to Improve SEO and Branding

Posted by Adela Belin

Who would have known that an app that started as a mere photo-sharing platform would today rise to become one of the most popular apps? With users spending 53 minutes on Instagram daily, it is safe to say that if you aren’t using this social media platform to boost your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

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Topics: Online Marketing, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Content Creation, Brand Loyalty

Digital Purchasing Habits You Need To Know

Posted by Karen Kerski

It has been 10 years since iPhone was launched changing the way we keep in touch and shop. Here are some interesting stats that should be used to plan and execute your website and marketing plans. Consumers are demanding innovative ecommerce shopping experiences. Those "smart" businesses that innovate will benefit with an increase their customer base and bottom line.

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Topics: Ecommerce, Website Design, Content Creation

Website and Blog Content That Doesn't Work

Posted by Karen Kerski

Writing and posting to improve ranking is not just about the quantity. Many advisors will tell you more is better and that can be true. But the reality is that writing content that is not created around your SEO strategy will have limited ability to produce results. Frequency of posting new content has significant impact on the results of your SEO efforts efforts. Equally important is that the content supports the keywords you are claiming as your expertise.

I have seen a company providing deep tech support to clients posting blogs about accounting and tax strategy. They aren't accountants, CPA's nor offering small business operating consultation. A blog about tax deadlines is not supporting their core service ~ protecting their customers digital assets and computer hard and software function.

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Topics: Website Design, SEO, Content Creation, Blog

5 Questions To Use To Define Your Customer Personas

Posted by Karen Kerski

Do you truly know who your best customers are? Do you know what motivates them to purchase? Most times I ask my clients this there often identify every demographic because they don't want to walk away from any prospect. Let's admit it is difficult to work on your own marketing.

Running your business is more enjoyable than digging through dry facts or looking for data that is asked for by these 5 key questions.

There will be a lot of similarities, common traits for your customers. It is the unique facts we want to uncover, things that will break down your customer list into multiple personas

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Topics: Marketing, Business Management, Inbound Marketing, Content Creation


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