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Marketing Insights

Website and Blog Content That Doesn't Work

Posted by Karen Kerski

Writing and posting to improve ranking is not just about the quantity. Many advisors will tell you more is better and that can be true. But the reality is that writing content that is not created around your SEO strategy will have limited ability to produce results. Frequency of posting new content has significant impact on the results of your SEO efforts efforts. Equally important is that the content supports the keywords you are claiming as your expertise.

I have seen a company providing deep tech support to clients posting blogs about accounting and tax strategy. They aren't accountants, CPA's nor offering small business operating consultation. A blog about tax deadlines is not supporting their core service ~ protecting their customers digital assets and computer hard and software function.

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Blogging: Increase Impact With Visuals

Posted by Karen Kerski

Visuals increase response rates for every type of marketing effort from direct mail and ads to emails and blogging. So visuals are highly effective in social posts.

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Topics: Online Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Blog


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