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Marketing Insights

Can Multiple Brands Be Brought Under One Brand?

Posted by Karen Kerski

Updated 10-6-23

The simple answer is yes, but it really isn’t a simple matter.

When done correctly you will grow your business value significantly. 

It is often the reason for buying a competitor and a complimentary product line.

Initially, the evaluation of synergies, existing brand awareness and brand disruption must be done. This provides the foundation of developing the strategy (long and short-term) for bringing the multiple brands and products under 1 (0ne) umbrella brand.

Assign a group to the task and expect disagreements. Varying view points helps insure a variety of perspectives will be evaluating the issues you can face ahead of implementing strategies.

Studies can be done to show the outcome you want, but being biased won't provide an accurate picture of the situation and ability to rebrand successfully.

To begin with, you must understand the “individual product and its brand awareness” and how it works within the big picture of the main brand.  Also consider the individual target audience of each product and brand.

Being thorough in looking at these facts will determine which brand is the strongest to use as the umbrella brand and whether it is appropriate main identity for every product.

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8 Actionable Tips To Successfully Prepare Your Product Packaging For The U.S. Market

Posted by Don Keller

Launching your product in the States can be a daunting task.

While the market is competitive, with the right approach and a marketing strategy tailored specifically to the US mindset, there’s no reason your move to the American market can’t be a huge success. 

To make waves in the US market with your product, the packaging design you choose will be critical not just to the launch of your product but to its future success too.

Product packaging is a formidable force to ensure your product makes a place for itself on the American mall shelves and even more so, in the American home.

Check out these 8 practical tips to help you to plan and produce the best packaging design so that your product flies off the shelves in the US market. 

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Biggest Branding Mistakes: #1

Posted by Karen Kerski


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Why Every Business Needs Market Research.

Posted by Karen Kerski

Sound business decisions come from knowledge, verifiable facts. Experience has value but it needs to be supported with proof that is why market research is considered so critical by every successful business. Research gives you the information to create and produce the right product.

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Topics: Marketing, Design, Product Development

BBQ Dragon Entrepreneur Shares His Product Launch Success Story!

Posted by Don Keller

The following conversation is with George Prior, an entrepreneur who, along with his brother / partner, invented, built and is now marketing the BBQ Dragon - The Charcoal Fire Supercharger product. They came to Catalpha recently to take their packaging to the next level. I thought their story is interesting and could be helpful to many that are now going through the same situation or are launching their own products.

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Topics: Product Development

How do you know your product concept will succeed?

Posted by Karen Kerski

Before you think about manufacturing a product and creating a retail package, qualifying that there is consumer interest in your product should be tackled first.

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