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Marketing Insights

The Evolution of eCommerce: Trends to Watch

Posted by Nick Rojas

Why are eCommerce trends so important in 2021? The answer is easy. Ecommerce helps reduce your costs, and means your store is open 24/7, and 365 days per year, and is easy and convenient to access using the internet. Finally, the marketing options with eCommerce are quite advanced, meaning getting the word out about your product or service is easier than it once was. With eCommerce on an astronomic rise, what trends can we expect to see in the upcoming months, and how can you use them to your advantage?

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Topics: Ecommerce

Here’s How Low Prices Can Hurt Your Business

Posted by Jake S. Platt

One of the key ingredients of success in the business world is pricing products and services correctly. Pricing what you sell correctly will boost your sales and create a foundation for your enterprise to succeed. When you implement the wrong pricing strategy, you will create huge problems that your enterprise might fail to overcome.

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Topics: Marketing, Business Management, Retail

Tips for Spreading Awareness of Your Online Business

Posted by Nick Rojas

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent to which customers recognize your brand name when seeking out a product. For example, have you ever asked for Coke when you just wanted a soda? Or Tylenol when you just needed a painkiller? You might not be poised or planning to take over the world like these two brands, but building brand awareness can be as simple as ensuring customers know your business, choosing your product over others that might be cheaper, or searching for your specific business or product name online.

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Tips To Get Your Product Into The Big-Name Stores

Posted by Don Keller

Designing and manufacturing a great product is crucial to your business being a success, however, it’s only half the battle. In order for your business to make significant sales and generate real profit that will allow your company to grow and evolve moving forward, you need to ensure that your product is easily accessible and is put in front of as many eyes as possible. For many retailers, the best way to achieve this is to get your product into the stores of the big-box retailers.

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Tips for Packaging Expensive Products

Posted by Karen Kerski

First and foremost, people are willing to pay for the best. If you already have a strong brand reputation for luxury products it is easier to launch additional products. When you are an unknown brand you have to build a “high end” image and reputation. Existing brands moving into luxury category have a head start but still have to consider how to effectively add the luxury price category to their reputation.

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Tips to Plan and Accomplish Your Business Goals for 2021

Posted by Nick Rojas

In light of the changes that the pandemic has brought about, setting clear business goals is more important than ever. For your business to thrive in the long-run, you must know how it is doing. The best strategy is to have a detailed plan and track the progress. Do not be misled by the challenges you may be facing in these times. With a renewed strategic direction and realistic goals, your business is looking towards a bright future. Here are some tips for planning and accomplishing your business goals for this year:

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Topics: Business Management

Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 2021 and Beyond

Posted by Nick Rojas

Growing is essential to your business. So, why wait for sales to level off? You should find ways to increase your sales to be on top of your game. If you are not growing, you are losing new business opportunities with your competitors being constantly ahead of you. COVID has changed the equation of sales in 2021.

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