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Marketing Insights

How To Avoid Failure and Have an Awesome Package Design

Posted by Karen Kerski

I was standing in the grocery store staring at the shelf looking for my brand.

Becoming frustrated, I tracked down an employee to help me find the brand I had to have. They brought me back to where I had been standing and pointed to a box I’d overlooked.

There it was, the product I wanted, but the package had a whole new look. The logo was smaller and the background color had changed.

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The Ins and Outs of Great Product Packaging

Posted by Karen Smith

Did you know that a product’s packaging can be as important as the product itself? Yes, the packaging does not just contain and protect the product inside, but also contributes to the whole product experience and educates and informs potential customers how that company and product is different from others. In other words, proper packaging gives businesses an effective way to make a good impression on potential consumers and win them over. Retail packaging plays a huge role in deciding if a particular product will succeed or fail in the market. Studies indicate that a huge 75% of packaged products fail to earn even £6 million in the first year due to ineffective packaging.

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Top 20 Packaging Design Blogs

Posted by Don Keller

The Ultimate Packaging Design Inspiration Guide for 2017

We've complied a list of some of our favorite blogs that showcase the latest packaging, design, and branding trends from around the world. Included are some of our old favorites as well as some new sources for inspiration you may not have expected.

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The Product Packaging Design Process - 8 Part Video Series

Posted by Don Keller

A Definitive Guide That Explains The Steps Necessary To Package Any Product

We've developed a series of 8 videos to help you understand the product packaging design process.  These videos describe almost everything you need to know to get your product packaged.  Design is impossible for me to teach in this short blog, but should you have those skills, our guide can get you further down the road to having your product packaged.

The parts in order are:

1. The Initial Consultation

2. Estimating the Project

3. Creating The Dieline

4. Creative Brief & Market Research

5. The Design Phase

6. Design Refinement

7. Photography

8. Printing Your Package

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Blister Packaging Cost - Manufacturer Tells All!

Posted by Don Keller

From time to time, I interview different package suppliers to give my blog readers a better understanding of the type of packaging that is available to them.

I hope this type of interview brings clarity to those that want plastic packaging, but just don’t have the knowledge of where to start.

Following is a conversation I had with PowerPak, a blister & clamshell manufacturer in San Diego, who also sells blister or clamshell sealing machinery. They have a very long history of blister packaging, in fact, they invented the process in 1949!

They are very aware that many start up manufacturers are trying to get their product packaged using the blister or clamshell method and have developed the machinery and the network of contract packagers that can get your product packaged no matter where you are in the country and no matter the quantity.

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4 Reasons To Invest in Packaging Design

Posted by Don Keller

One of the best early investments you can make for the future of your business is to invest in professional packaging design.

High-quality packaging will supercharge your business to a brand new level.

For most consumer products, we believe, package design is the single most sales-effective and cost-efficient marketing tool.

Here are just a few examples of how investing in packaging design or redesign can result in a big payoff:

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3 Ways Biometric Sensors Show How Consumers View Your Package Design

Posted by Angelica Ermita

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that business start-ups face in an ever-growing selection of consumer goods is how their new products can get noticed. How can one understand what a customer sees and looks for when he’s faced with a plethora of packaging on a grocery shelf?

In market research, focus groups and consumer testing are ways to learn what a customer thinks, but in truth, 90% of purchasing decisions are made from our subconscious. Luckily, neuormarketing techniques are there to help you see the cognitive and emotional responses of consumers and truly understand what determines their preference for a product and how to design packaging.

Eye Tracking

An objective method to gain insight into how consumers make purchasing decisions is with eye tracking which can be in store when a consumer is looking at packaging.

Eye tracking has been around for many years, but it was in the 1980s when commercial eye trackers began to become available. The devices were small, lightweight, and made use of infrared light technology that are still used by a number of eye trackers to this day. The technology behind eye trackers is complex, but this infographic will tell you more about eye trackers in more digestible information.

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