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Marketing Insights

Creative Ways To Increase Your Company's Visibility

Posted by Nick Rojas

Consumers are bombarded by messages from companies every day - billboards while they drive, ads while they browse the web, and commercials on television are just a few. This means just pushing out content and advertising isn’t going to be enough to attract new customers. In order to attract brand loyalty, you need to be memorable. Luckily, companies often have vastly different demographics, which means we can learn from their example. Here are some creative ways to increase your company’s visibility:

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Topics: Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, Inbound Marketing

How to Work with a Packaging Designer

Posted by Don Keller

Every year approximately 30,000 new products are launched in the marketplace and more than 80% of them fail.

Ensuring that your product is successful begins with how you present the product to potential customers. And this starts with your packaging design. 

When making a choice between your product and your competitors on the shelf, most consumers will not have the time or energy to weigh up the pros and cons of the product in detail.

Instead, they will rely on the packaging, the appeal of the packaging design and the information displayed on your packaging to make a decision. In fact, according to reports, one-third of consumer decision-making is based solely on the packaging. 

So how do you ensure your packaging design will make your product stand out from the crowd?

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Topics: Packaging Design

7 Ways To Create Luxury Packaging

Posted by Don Keller

More than ever before, shopping is an experience. Twenty years ago, it was about getting hold of things you needed.

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What You Get When You Hire a Branding Professional

Posted by Alex Forrester

Branding combines abstract and tangible elements in order to make your products or services natural and desirable for your prospective customers. However, it’s seldom something you can do on your own. After all, as a business owner, you have an inordinate number of decisions to make, and most importantly, products or services to develop!

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Topics: Branding, Packaging Design

How To Guide Your Packaging Design To Increased Sales! [Infographic]

Posted by Don Keller

Catalpha Packaging has put together an infographic of what goes into the thinking behind their great packaging design work. Just what is going on in the mind of your customer? That’s a question all brand managers are trying to discern. If you knew more about your customer, you would know about what appeals to them and the reasons they may reach for your brand before your competition. This quick read lays out many factors that you should know when designing your packaging. It also gives an overview of the types of packaging and where they fit on the cost scale and the process Catalpha uses to determine the best shape, structure, and design for a package design.

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Topics: Packaging Design

5 Marketing Ideas To Improve Your Skilled Nursing Home Marketing

Posted by Don Keller

Mom fell. Which put her in the hospital. Now the doctor says she is doing better but shouldn’t be at home by herself. Dad can’t care for her, he’s having some problems of his own and just doesn’t have the physical strength to help her. 

The adult children meet to discuss. They can’t stay home with Mom, they have jobs and their own responsibilities.

They start their search for help. First by picking up their smart phone, they get online and search for nursing homes near them...

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Topics: Marketing

How Much Do Point of Purchase (POP) Displays Cost?

Posted by Don Keller

Like packaging costs, the cost of point of purchase (POP) displays have a lot to do with material, size AND quantity

Let’s discuss some options to see if they fit your needs.

First of all - let’s talk usage.  How long will this display need to last?  Is it temporary? And only intended to be up for weeks or months?  Most of these types of displays are made from corrugate or sturdy coated paper stock.

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Topics: point of purchase displays


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