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How much content do you need to rank?

seo-globalThere are so many opinions when it comes to content length. I was told you need 1000 words now per blog. But you have to be careful not to overload it with your keyword. It can seem a bit contradictory when the number of times the subject is in the article can hinder your SEO results.

SEO is constantly changing and difficult for most to understand. We recommend that you monitor your results through Google analytics and any other dashboards you have access to as well as the best indicator, sales and traffic you can account came from your website and marketing efforts.

When it comes to content length there are no hard rules. It is assumed by experts and those monitoring their own result that more is better. serpIQ chart shows results that support this hypothesis.


This illustrates that pages with 400 or less words have the poorest ranking compared to pages with more content. This indicates a trend in higher placement for pages with more content. This chart is limited to the results based on pages that were used in this study.

Newer websites generally have less content than older domains that have been published for more than a year and more than 10 years. This does not take into consideration keyword competitive factor of the domains. A younger domain that is targeting highly competitive keywords can have better page rank just for that fact.

The conclusion then is that higher competitive keywords require a great amount of content, back links, social signals, etc. to rank. Google favors a lot of quality content. Google is actively working on updates to detect poor content.  Efforts to improve and add quality content to your website and improving on-line branding through relevant keyword content, social engagement and blogging will be instrumental in staying competitive online. If you don’t see the ranking results you need check that the content ion the pages you need to rank are not slim on content. Read More>

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