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Marketing Insights

Is Your Website Bringing In More Sales Every Year?

Posted by Karen Kerski

If not it's time to do something about it. E-sales continue to have double-digit growth. The convenience of shopping anywhere, finding great prices and #smartphone adaption all contribute to this growth. Whether you sell products, services or or a restaurant; you too can leverage more sales from your website.

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Topics: Online Marketing, Design, Business Management, Mobile Marketing

Email Is Dead

Posted by Karen Kerski

There are a slew of story titles claiming email is dead. Some claim that social media, spam and instant messaging have killed email. Some of this is attributable to the rising number of smart phone users that have driven up the use of texting.

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Topics: Online Marketing, Social Media, Business Management, Mobile Marketing

How fast can your company embrace mobile marketing?

Posted by Karen Kerski

If you are still questioning whether you should include mobile marketing efforts you are giving sales to your competitors. Now, it’s a question of how soon can you integrate mobile marketing.

People are already looking up your company on smart phones. If you have Google analytics on your web page it will tell you that activity. The figures may be small. Having tracked the activity over the last few years and knowing that the number of homes with landlines is diminishing, there is no denying the trend.

If you have a website and allocated time and budget to maintenance, it’s mobile friendly status should have been discussed with your web master.

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Topics: Design, Mobile Marketing

Do you need a mobile website?

Posted by Karen Kerski

Can customers find you when they do a mobile search?

With the proliferation of smart phones, companies have seen an increased mobile searches. Before creating a mobile website take the crucial step of clarifying your company's mobile needs to save time and money.

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Topics: Online Marketing, Advertising, Design, Mobile Marketing

How to get sales leads from Twitter

Posted by Don Keller

How To Get Sales Leads From Twitter

While the world is in a Facebook frenzy, Twitter is quickly becoming a player in generating sales leads for companies. It takes some patience to dig through the thousands of innocuous posts, but the "gold" is there. There are many tools available that search through tweets and allow you to drill down to a specific topic or even a specific geographic location.

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Topics: Social Media, Mobile Marketing


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