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Do you need a mobile website?

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mobile-website-visits-increaseCan customers find you when they do a mobile search?

With the proliferation of smart phones, companies have seen an increased mobile searches. Before creating a mobile website take the crucial step of clarifying your company's mobile needs to save time and money.

Foursquare and Tumblr provide geographic information to smart phone users helping local businesses that are dependent on walk-in sales. To take advantage of these sites you have to claim your company and add information that enhances the your presence. Retail stores and restaurants will benefit by offering unique  deals only available through these sites. Having unique offers on each platform allows you to track sales so you can use that information to plan future marketing efforts.

Marketing strategy has to change with the times. Consider marketing 10 years ago and even 2 years ago. Technology has changed marketing to something unrecognizeable to some business owners.

Don't stand still - embrace opportunity technology has created.

Thinking creatively. PPC replaces traditional print ads. Emails can be thought of as modern equivalent of faxing. Can you reach your customers on Twitter, Facebook or other online platforms?
Take a look at how other companies are promoting their products and services. You will see that incorporating conventional and contemporary marketing tools will allow you to expand reach to customers who would otherwise not know about you.

Mobile marketing is ramping up.

Creativity and innovation allows your business to move forward. Considering your products or services, can you super-size or down-size? Can you expand offerings by combining or creating product extensions for new markets with new packaging? Can you reach more people with a mobile site? Having a mobile website is not a question of should you have one but when it has to be up.

Should you integrate text messaging into your marketing plan?

Not sure? Ask your customers. Interview people on the street who are your target audience how they would prefer you give them special offers and announce events. Email and text are answered more quickly than phone calls.

Marketing budgets have more options than 10 years ago and some are very budget friendly. Review which is best for your business and industry and the results you can expect. Coke-a-Cola has a robust Facebook page but told Adweek that it didn't increase soft drink sales. Some companies have successfully used Facebook as a branding and relationship tool while others leveraged it to drive sales. It all depends on the age old marketing premise of knowing your customer.

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