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Email Is Dead

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There are a slew of story titles claiming email is dead. Some claim that social media, spam and instant messaging have killed email. Some of this is attributable to the rising number of smart phone users that have driven up the use of texting.


It all seems to be hype. Some instigated by Facebook and other social media platforms looking to drive up their use. But looking at the Email Marketing Industry Census published by econsultancy.com, revenue from email posted 28% gain in one year.

The fact is emails have a distinct advantage over the shortened messages delivered through Twitter and texting. Instant messages and texts are short quick messages like PPC ads. Emails can be as long as needed to deliver your full message and you are smart to include visuals to increase engagement and ask for engagement with a call to action.

That's why 68% of businesses rate email as good or excellent return on investment. Many companies use emails to provide hard copies of work orders and changes. Contracts, PO's, company literature all can be attached to the email for instant delivery.

B2B customers like the easy flow of conversation, ability to question and receive answers quickly and anywhere.

There isn't a waiting period as there is with phone calls when people are busy and not answering the phone. Travelers can email responses on the go, coordinate with multiple people on one project with detailed information even though they are not in the office.

It is more believable that email along with other social media has contributed to the financial difficulties of our U.S. Postal System. You don't need a tracking number. Just request confirmation from the recipient or have a cookie bounced to let you know it was delivered to the "in box".

Email isn't going to be replaced any time soon. It has cut into the direct mail market but direct mail won't be killed either. Consider email as the digital direct mail. Combining email and direct mail into a inbound marketing strategy can be deliver a great return on investment. As with any marketing campaign the message and how it is presented to the audience is crucial for success.

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