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Create a Brand Name to Remember

Posted by Karen Kerski

It’s fascinating looking at all the product and company names that you come across daily whether it’s a B2B or B2C company. There are many companies that have been around 100 years or more that are still highly recognized and respected.

They have persevered the generational changes adapting strategy to the times. Some have made modifications to their name or logo as part of their adapting technique.

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5 Must-Have Elements Needed To Redesign Your Branding and Packaging Design [2019]

Posted by Don Keller

If you were to take a look at your branding and packaging of your products right now, how would you feel?

Often times, as a business owner, you may become wrapped up in your day-to-day functions and forget that your marketing strategies have a shelf life (no pun intended :-) ).

Whether your logo is out of date, the competition just came out with updated packaging or you’ve seen your sales dip, it may be time for a complete brand redesign in the packaging of your products.

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How To Avoid Failure and Have an Awesome Package Design

Posted by Karen Kerski

I was standing in the grocery store staring at the shelf looking for my brand.

Becoming frustrated, I tracked down an employee to help me find the brand I had to have. They brought me back to where I had been standing and pointed to a box I’d overlooked.

There it was, the product I wanted, but the package had a whole new look. The logo was smaller and the background color had changed.

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