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Marketing Insights

SEO Tips to Boost Rankings for WordPress Sites

Posted by Karen Kerski

WordPress has become not just a platform for blogging

It has become a widely used platform for ecommerce and general business sites. Almost 1 in 4 dominant worldwide websites are on a WordPress platform. It’s simplicity and easy to use dashboard allows businesses to do some of their own updates and content generation themselves. Don’t assume that SEO is built into the system. It does not automatically perform SEO work or tell you when the site is optimized. Google updates have eliminated the ability to use black-hat practices so there are no loopholes in WordPress for optimizing for organic search results.. There are some plugins that are easy to install that can help.

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Web Redesign Part 3: Inventory Your Assets

Posted by Karen Kerski

Before You Begin The Design Process.

There are almost as many ways that a web redesign can hurt you as can help you. Before you start to rework your website, make sure you have a back-up copy of your complete website. It's almost a given that you will likely be reusing some graphic elements and content. Why recreate the wheel if you can just update it? Organizing your current content and creating a back-up will save a lot of time and headaches.

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Examples of SEO Misinformation

Posted by Don Keller

There's a lot of bad information about best SEO practices out there. To help you sort through it here's some information straight from Google. 

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