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Marina Iermolaieva

Marina Iermolaieva is responsible for marketing of Allinpackaging (allinpackaging.co.uk). Twitter page https://twitter.com/Mareaqua

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The Rise of Email Marketing Use in Emerging Economies

Posted by Marina Iermolaieva

In the last couple of decades, the businesses all over the world have witnessed a tremendous growth email marketing platforms. As such, countries previously qualified as “poor” are now seen as future economic powerhouses. Nations such as India, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, and China are just a few that have attained immense economic growth because of various online marketing strategies. Naturally, the rise of previously less-developed nations has prompted the use of “technological” mediums to conduct business activities.

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Topics: Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Direct Mail, Email Marketing

What Makes Plastic Containers So Popular

Posted by Marina Iermolaieva

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marina Lermolaieva is responsible for marketing of Allinpackaging (allinpackaging.co.uk)

Packaging and plastic containers go hand in hand!

Any packaging is considered to be incomplete without plastic containers. Allinpackaging is the best source for all your packaging needs which offers large and small quantities solutions.

Whether it is packaging for cosmetics, food products, stationery or even medicines, plastic containers are completely indispensable. Have you ever wondered, what makes these plastic containers a popular choice?

Why are they so popular?

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Topics: Packaging Design


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