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The Rise of Email Marketing Use in Emerging Economies

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In the last couple of decades, the businesses all over the world have witnessed a tremendous growth email marketing platforms. As such, countries previously qualified as “poor” are now seen as future economic powerhouses. Nations such as India, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, and China are just a few that have attained immense economic growth because of various online marketing strategies. Naturally, the rise of previously less-developed nations has prompted the use of “technological” mediums to conduct business activities.

Today, it is easy to find businesses in emerging economies adapting to the latest tech tools since they help them in attaining their desired business objectives both in the long and short term. This is why firms are investing more of their time towards effectively utilizing such tools, one of which is email marketing. Additionally, it is this need of email marketing mediums that has made many tech firms prominent, one of which is Mailigen. Likewise, the excellent services of such tech firms have made businesses and hailing emerging economies prominent throughout the world.

Furthermore, in relation to email marketing, here are some facts about the Asia-Pacific region’s emerging economies:

  • The region accounts for the most amount of internet searches (total 45%) in the world. Accordingly, a major portion of this search is associated with marketing related efforts.
  • Around 35 percent of Asia-Pacific region’s consumers have stated that they do more than 10 percent of their monthly shopping online. Furthermore, shoppers have also expressed that their preferences rely on the information gained via email marketing and social media mechanisms.
  • Email marketing is a booming business in India, the Philippines and Bangladesh. Additionally, a good reason for such a boom is primarily due to the fact that a major portion of online users are young people.
  • More than 70 percent of Indians have stated they are likely to forward promotional emails. Likewise, more than 50 percent of all Indians go online only to send emails. Furthermore, many of these users have reported a sharp interest in the email marketing campaigns of different businesses.

These facts speak for themselves. Moreover, here are some factors that have contributed the rise of email marketing in the emerging economies:

Better focus on the consumer base

Emerging markets present massive opportunities for both local and international businesses. As such, one of the greatest strengths of email marketing is that it allows businesses to better focus on a specific consumer base. Accordingly, if a business wants to target the youth, the marketing service provider will create messages that are specifically for the youth.

Cheap as compared to other marketing mediums

Email marketing is an extremely cheap way of promoting products, as compared to the usual television and print media mechanisms. Moreover, since most businesses in emerging economies have only recently experienced a boom in business activities, they have limited capital. This is why they opt for email marketing services.

The “Reach” factor

Email marketing is an excellent way for businesses in emerging economies to reach “outwards.” As such, the tool allows companies to send mails to a global audience, thereby catering their expansion plans. Furthermore, email marketing has facilitated the spread of many Asian and South American businesses towards the developed world. Likewise, this has aided their overall business activities.

In conclusion, email marketing is on the rise in emerging economies as we speak. As such, more and more businesses are adapting to this trend and are making sure they stay ahead in a competitive business environment. This is why tech analysts believe email marketing has many more milestones to achieve, and will carry on to captivate the interest of businesses all over the world.

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