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Marketing Insights

Digital Purchasing Habits You Need To Know

Posted by Karen Kerski

It has been 10 years since iPhone was launched changing the way we keep in touch and shop. Here are some interesting stats that should be used to plan and execute your website and marketing plans. Consumers are demanding innovative ecommerce shopping experiences. Those "smart" businesses that innovate will benefit with an increase their customer base and bottom line.

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Google's Mobile Update - What Happened?

Posted by Don Keller

It was billed as the 'Mobile-geddon' event.  On April 21 2015 Google rolled out their mobile update. It was to be pure mayhem, websites quite possibly dissapearing overnight and never to be seen again!  We'll what happened? How has your site fared?   We're you mobile ready? Google algo updates that happen frequently and the mobile requirement was a trending topic for months in advance and after the launch of the requirement of a site to be responsive. I still find sites that are not mobile friendly and it is almost a year since the "Mobilgetton Scare". I just turn my phone horizontally and most are legible.

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Is it time for to update your website?

Posted by Karen Kerski

A June survey, surveying 99 people from retail companies, indicated their e-commerce platform as a top priority. They responded to Internet Retailer Magazine survey. Mobile ecommerce was their second focus. Online platform is seen as a critical marketing tool for the majority of eRetailers. This aligns with an earlier Forrester study report that indicated US business spending on technology for 2014-2015 will outpace the economy.

Marketing budgets have changed greatly in the past 10 years, first they included developing a website and currently companies are creating a market.

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