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Top 4 Facts That Determine The Cost of Product Packaging

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Do you have enough budget to develop the right package for your product?

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned brand manager, I understand how it feels to face the large task of packaging your product.

Your product should be showcased in the best light possible, reflecting your brand’s cohesive image so it can compete on the shelf.

Packaging is a critical component in the success of your product.

The investment needs to be considered carefully and not solely decided by price. It should be considered when you are designing your product so that it is budgeted into the cost of the product development.

It is all too common that new inventors are unprepared for the reality of the cost to develop the style of package they envision.

There are 4 major factors that determine package printing costs: material, design, size and quantity.

When considering what type is best for your product, we first need to know the target audience, product category and MSRP.

If your product retails under $5 the cost needs to be under $1.00. Most times initial print runs are small. If you want a small initial print run the cost per piece to produce packaging may not be as low as it needs to be.

To help my clients understand and project expenses I provide estimates for different quantities to illustrate the price breaks that are possible with a larger quantity.

A poly bag with topper card is an entry price level solution. Clamshell and corrugate materials are on the high end of costs.

Choose the material that projects the brand impression your product deserves.

There are times when a stock clamshell solution is the most economical choice because of the quantity and there are other instances when clamshell is too expensive. Along with the design costs there is a die cost.

Clamshells, jars and bottles are the most expensive. An experienced design firm will be able to help you through the process of choosing the right structure for your launch, but be sure to consider further into the lifecycle of your product. 

Printing and producing the box is only part of the development cost. And printing will be a continuing cost of your product for retail sales.

But it is important to remember you need a package design: structure and graphics. This is a development expense that often times is not considered.

The smart choice is to create one that you will reprint for a few years without changing graphics. This should be a one time a start up cost not repeated every time you need to reprint. 

Curious about prices? Click to get a fast and free estimate.

Unhappy with your current packaging design?

Repackaging or rebranding involves the same process.

We'll assume that the decision to redesign is driven by competition and economics, not boredom with the look. Remember the impact on Tropicana and DustBuster when they changed their look and go with caution.

A redesign can breath new life into stagnant sales. Rebranding can reposition your product against the competition or take it into a new category. Redesign and rebranding is a huge investment and impacts your website, marketing and organization.

The style you choose (sleek, rustic, professional, or luxurious), sets the tone for your brand and value impression. This is true both for entrepreneurs just starting out as well as established companies looking to update or refresh their brand.

To reap brand rewards you need a design that you can use for many years. You will get bored with it before your customers.

Trust A Professional

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that your product packaging is an investment in both your brand and overall business success. Hiring a design firm with expertise in product packaging should be part of your investment.

They are like a retail product doctor and can provide consultation on packaging options, audience triggers, shelf insight, analysis of competitors brand visuals and positioning your product in the market.

Refresh Your Brand Today with Our Help!

If you are financially ready to have your product packaged for resale or are interested in re-designing your brand, the ensuing question: what is the cost of packaging design? Catalpha can help you calculate the budget based on your individual needs.

Call us today at 888.337.0066 or contact us via our web form for more information.

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