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10 (MORE) Tips To Your Successful Packaging Design

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My first blog about 10 Tips to Successful Packaging Design was so popular, I knew I had come up with 10 more. Judging by the questions I still get from entrepreneurs bringing their products to market (or rebranding their existing product packaging) they are still confused on where to start or what is best for them.

So, let’s go....

1. KNOW YOUR BUDGET - It’s the number one consideration that affects all other packaging decisions. So, let’s quickly talk price. Packaging in low quantities can be expensive as far as your per-piece price goes. Low quantity packaging is VERY possible, but don’t expect to get your lowest per-piece price when you only want to package 1000 pieces. At those quantities you need to consider your first packaging a market test. After all, if it’s not selling, you want to find out as economically as possible.

2. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE - I know it was on my first list of tips but it’s worth repeating. Get to know your audience inside and out. Knowing what your audience wants and how to talk to them will increase your chances of success greatly.

3. CONSIDER POINT OF PURCHASE OPTIONS FOR YOUR RETAILERS. Adding a convenient way to get your product onto shelves or into the aisle can make it easier for retailers to say yes. It also says you know what’s important to them.

4. CONSIDERING 'GREEN' PACKAGING? It’s a noble thought and one worth pursuing. If you can keep the size of your packaging down to the smallest size possible that will help not only cut down on what may go to the landfill, but also your costs. Did you know most paper boxes are made of recycled material? AND most printing is now done with vegetable based inks? Printers have been incorporating ecological methods into their processes for some time now.

5. CONSIDER THE FINAL STORE PLACEMENT OF YOUR PACKAGE. By that I mean will your product reside on a shelf, or on a peg hook? Near the register or in a freezer or cooler? Each placement may require special consideration of what type of package is best. A flat base so your package can stand on the shelf or perhaps a hang tag hole as well just in case the retailer would rather peg hook it. 

6. WILL YOU HAVE A WEBSITE TO HELP YOU SELL? It’s an integral part of business these days. New products require a site to help with awareness, and give buyers more information about your sizing, flavors or prices. Make sure you have a site that imparts your brand and has a family appearance.

7. CONSIDERING PHOTOGRAPHY? If your package design requires photography, don’t skimp and hire amateurs. A professional photograph can put your product light years ahead of your competition. If your product is food, a professional photograph should be on the top of your list.

8. “If you think a professional is expensive, wait 'til you try an amateur.” ― Paul "Red" Adair 
If you want to increase your chances of success, you need to seek out professionals. Because you are on this page reading this list, you’re already headed in the right direction.

9. MAKE SURE YOU PRODUCE THE CORRECT TYPE OF ARTWORK FILES. If you are the general contractor of your packaging project, you want to create the appropriate artwork files your printer will need to print your project. Did you know most files are produced in Adobe Illustrator? Even China’s printing sources use these type of files. A good set of files will keep you from incurring any changes and more cost and give you a package to be proud of. A well printed package also says something about what’s inside.

10. DON'T GIVE UP! Persistence is vital to success. I get many people that ask me if their product is worth packaging.  If they are knocking on my door, then they’ve already answered that question. Follow your gut.  I’m not a coach, but I am a business owner and know that hard work creates opportunities and opportunities lead to success.

Here’s to your product’s success!!

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