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Danger: Your marketing doesn't pass the 3 second test?

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I have written and frequently speak to clients about my 3 seconds to capture rule. It is the same for email, three seconds to get them to read. Consider that on average a person is exposed to 1500 to 3000 messages a day between email, internet ads, TV and radio. People can skip TV ads if they record shows. We also switch stations to avoid ads. Walking down a cereal aisle the only cereal that pops out is one which appeals to you if you are there to buy cereal.

Consider your own behavior.

Don't we all complain about the volume that is delivered to our in box like we use to complain about posted mail. Similar to receiving printed correspondence delivered by your post person, you scan through the mail and throw much away with out opening. Direct mail higher open rates come from self mailers. Self mailer is not in an envelope, like a post card, the message and visuals are exposed to recipient. The subject line has the power to convert like traditional self-mailers. Both are powerful tools for an inbound marketing campaign

3, 5, 7 Engagement Rule now applies to email.

Email is today's version of direct mail. The subject is critical to click through. The engagement rule should be used to guide your plan, writing and campaign testing.

3 – You have three seconds to get your target's attention

5 – you have five seconds, once you stopped them, to draw them in

7 – if you got them this far, you've accomplished a lot. But the next seven seconds are critical

Whether is is a new contact or email marketing to current customers, three seconds is all you have to encourage someone to open your correspondence, read past the title of your blog, or look at your cover message on your self mailer. Consider how you scan your in box to look for important messages from sources you know, subject you are interested in and quickly judge spam from important messages. And we have to be cautious of viruses, phishing and identity theft. The subject line is incredibly important whether or not you know the sender.

Best results are achieved when there is a clear call to action that leads to a custom landing page.

Let's say your email made it past the three second test, now you have five seconds, the time it takes for the recipient to scan the promotion or content you sent. Does it convey what was promised in the subject? Is the action/offer/etc easily found. Does it ask for a response?

Best results are achieved when there is a clear call to action that leads to a custom landing page. The landing page has the offer clearly and brilliantly composed. These are the final seven seconds that are the difference between closing the sale and abandonment, conversion or end-user frustration.

There is no room for fluff or mixing in offers which will confuse the reader.

When the 3-5-7 rule was first applied social marketing didn't exist. The delivery methods were limited to print channels, TV and radio. Social forces were not employed. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, cable bursts, email, PPC, retargeting and video adds a staggering potential of impressions and channels to reach your consumers.

There is no room for fluff or mixing in offers which will confuse the reader. Message and content must be what was promised when they first read the subject line. Implement your campaigns using these same principles used years before technology exploded the number of ways you can market.

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