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Professional Product Packaging Photography Tips

Posted by Don Keller

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Topics: Packaging Design, Photography

Your Package Should Tell A Story

Posted by Karen Kerski

Photos get noticed and sell your product.

Many businesses think they are saving money by providing their own photos for packaging and marketing. To them the objective of being economical out weights the marketing impact. 

I always stress that every impression is an opportunity to move your business forward and that must be the biggest influence on the graphic solution produced. This is not to say you have to spend a lot of money. But short cutting the creative development, tieing the hands of your marketing department or graphics provider can negatvely impact product sales.

A Package Tells A Story With Great Photographs

You have a great product, tell its story with great photography. A photo can create an emotional connection with your customer and stop them in the aisle. Cutting corners can save money up front but be a big financial mistake in the long run. It is important that you are smart when making any purchase. Smart is the key to this discussion. Cutting corners in the package design process can hurt sales just like a poor decision about rebranding has for some well know brands.  (4 Reasons Package Rebranding Goes Wrong).

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Topics: Packaging Design, Photography


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