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Measuring the Impact of Marketing Efforts

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measuring-marketingMeasuring the results of a marketing budget has always been a struggle. In simpler times running a campaign using TV, newspaper and radio, measurement was easily counted by number of customers visiting the store and the resulting sales. Your offer had to clearly state and provide incentive for the time frame of the promotion.

Image campaigns will always been difficult to measure. They are important in building and retaining brand recognition. Without a call to action there isn't a discernable way to measure revenue impact, but brand recognition impacts long-term objectives so make branding a priority in every marketing effort.

With the expanded marketing opportunities provided by pay-per-click and social media, you have broader reach in the market that adds to the complexity of tracking results. Those responsible for the campaigns are expected to track more streams of marketing efforts along with performing their primary job function.

Saying marketing has changed is an understatement.

There is good news. With the increased marketing outlets the internet has provided, technology provides solutions for measuring multiple online marketing efforts, capturing leads and automating response to retain and push more leads through the sales funnel. With the right tools it becomes easy to track, use data to leverage opportunity and improve results. The most well known tool is Google analytics. Coding put on each web page tracks activity of visitors on your website and landing pages. The information shows which pages are most useful to your audience and which pages are not effective. That is all it does.

More robust programs integrate Google analytics with their set of tools. Hubspot is a great example. It is user friendly, you don’t need to be a programmer to work with it. It brings together web analytics, competitive information, and dashboard reports. That information allows you to better target your efforts because of the data you can capture. The data that will show you what is working what isn't, what has potential, and what is wasted effort and spending.

What would it mean to your marketing budget if you had deeper data on your prospects activities?

Through the Hubspot program, you manage and implement your blog, custom landing pages, call-to-action, capture leads and can implement automated response mechanisms to continue dialog with your leads. Hubspot makes it easy to test offers and efforts, saving time and marketing budget. Plus you don’t have to create the landing pages or set up the automated activities. You can watch the dashboard and continue as the director of marketing efforts while a Hubspot partner does the work: creating email campaigns, programming list activities, blogging, and more.

Technology has made it possible for companies to collect deep information on prospects without expensive research. And technology provides the tools to fully use the data that can be captured.

Contact us today for a free demonstration Hubspot and offer for free trial.

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  • How to use your revenue data to enhance future campaigns
  • How automated marketing is like 5 more sales people

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