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Catalpha Partners With Hubspot To Offer Lead Generating Inbound Marketing

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HubSpotCatalpha's partnership with HubSpot marks the beginning of a new phase. Catalpha, known for their innovative advertising and design, is now offering in-bound marketing programs with the same hallmark quality their client's have come to expect. In bound or content marketing is an effective way to generate leads through the creation and distribution of high value content that connects with your audience.  Unlike traditional, interruptive forms of digital advertising, content marketing engages your audience while they are actively seeking your type of service or product.

Catalpha's dynamic duo - Karen Kerski, President, and Don Keller, VP of Sales & Marketing - are hard to beat.  Karen is a managerial tour-de-force, ensuring everything gets done and every client is treated with consummate professionalism. Don Keller is the creative genius behind what could be your next award-winning campaign.  We could talk about the number of creative awards Catapha has won but that isn’t what gets Karen and Don up everyday. Seeing results generated by their internet marketing, packaging and B2B marketing solutions for their client is how they measure success.  

Catalpha already offers top-notch website designs that reflects its systematic structure and innovative processes. Karen and Don take pride in conceptualizing full-range marketing tools that include stellar online presence. Speaking with clients they became aware that clients needed help generating more sales leads and developing a marketing program that nurtured prospects and existing clients through their sales funnel. Research pointed to in-bound marketing as the solution. It is able to be programmed to each clients industry and process and improves website performance.

HubSpot provides a structure to attract leads and convert them into clients through inbound marketing techniques.  As far from cookie-cutter as it can be with Catalpha's experience and creativity, HubSpot's stated goal and wild success has been built around providing the practical tools business owners need to "make marketing that people love."

"We're really excited to be able to offer practical tools to business owners that help them painlessly implement the principles of inbound marketing", says Karen. "We've known for a long time that success for online marketing is found in strong inbound marketing techniques. HubSpot is a truly excellent inbound marketing tool that helps us produce remarkable results for our clients.  We have indepth tracking on internet properties, tools to execute and monitor customized lead nurturing campaigns for each lead category and instant data that tells our clients where a prospect is in their buying process.”

Don agrees. "We're happy to start this partnership. We believe it's a great fit with our experience, and we're looking forward to helping other companies implement and make the most of Hubspot."

For those not up to speed on what inbound marketing is all about...the concept rests on a few realities traditional (aka outbound) marketing strategies just aren't able to keep up with:

  • People are actively looking online for everything under the sun

  • Online marketing techniques need to find and intersect with those people

  • The internet has become both hyper-local and super-social

  • Cultivating real relationships with people online is the best way to drive sales to your business

All of this boils down to the fine art of creating meaningful, optimized online content and promoting it so those who are looking will find your business. That includes optimizing your overall online presence so search engines can easily find your material when someone's searching for it. Sharing is caring, and inbound marketing understands that people want to know your business really cares, which perfectly matches Catalpha’s philosophy that the foundation of success is service excellence.       

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