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How can a mobile app improve your business

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mobile-shoppingSmart phones continue to change the way people shop and communicate. They are the epitome of convenience. It's amazing how technology has changed our lives. The changes are happening at breakneck speed and have impacted every person and every industry. It has created new industries, destroyed some and radically changed others. Advertising is still evolving and new specialties are being created because of technology developments.

Figure out what makes sense

I believe mobile strategy has a place in every business. Minimally, every business needs a mobile website. Beware of mobile friendly claims. Some products will recognize the devise accessing the site and size it accordingly. Some products will try but not always work with every devise. We won a new client just for that reason. The company she had been working with didn't explain their product couldn't make her site that they designed fit on the most common smart phones. Her site resizes to fit on an iPhone but not her Droid. It treats the Droid as though it is a laptop or tablet.

A custom mobile app maybe helpful for your business in communicating to your customers if you are a retail store, restaurant or consumer service provider that wants foot traffic. B2B companies have become inventive in using mobile apps to conduct business like scheduling employees and keeping clients informed of managing project deliverables.

Would mobile advertising help your ROI?

People are already looking up your company on smart phones. If you have Google analytics on your web page it will tell you that activity. Google has made it easier to include mobile ads through their PPC platform. If you determined your business needs to invest in mobile marketing the next question is whether the mobile message should be different? Being able to reach your customer on-the-go opens up a number of questions to develop the right mobile marketing strategy. Mobile devises have evolved into an everyday, on-the-go and at-home tool. It provides a new way to deliver your message. But should it be the same message or different.

Business objective is not to get clicks, it is the outcome. Evaluate your buyer personas with the new factor of mobile proliferation to develope mobile strategy. Mobile messaging is about sending the right message at the right time and delivering on customer expectations. The mobile customer on-the-go expands the opportunity of impulse buying outside the brick-and-mortar environment.

Mobile technology is continuing to change customer habits. It requires that marketers innovate, monitor and be responsive.

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