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Creating Better Web Design With the Customer in Mind: Five Essential Tips

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As any website design agency will tell you, your website should be designed with your customer's user experience in mind.

Here are five ways to achieve this:

1. Sharpen Your Brand's Image

What does the customer want and need to know about you? What do they want and need from your website, mobile application and other digital services? Successfully branding your company in your customer's eyes directly translates to creating a web page that is easily navigable, engaging, and as clear as possible.

2. Strive to Be More User Friendly

The best way to enhance the image of your website and better brand your company in your customer's eyes is to use web design to make your website as user-friendly and navigable as possible. Previous research tells us that you have about 10 seconds to make an adequate impression on your website. If your site isn't catered to your customer, is difficult to navigate and doesn't clearly express what you want the customer to know about your brand, then you'll lose their attention.

3. Optimization Increases Conversion Rates

Optimizing your site is a huge customer-centric inbound marketing strategy that will not only increase your conversion rates, but drive more sales. Optimization happens through the generation of quality onsite content.

Optimization happens through the generation of quality onsite content.

This means that your customer is guided through their purchase and quest for information on your brand each step of the way, making it easy for them to pick and choose the kind of experience they desire with your brand.

4. Increase Accessibility

Who is your audience? This is an important question for any website design agency, as it provides the most insight as to how the information on your site should be organized, and what content should be generated. This also means listening to what your audience wants out of their user experience.

For example, studies show that individuals conduct searches on their phone 50% of the time. In addition to this, another study reported that 62% of companies that used a website design agency to create a mobile compatible site saw sales increase. With this in mind, creating a more accessible mobile site would lend to increased user access, and increased sales.

5. Generate the Content Your Customer Wants

Did you know that interesting content is one of the top three reasons that people follow brands online? One of the marks of 'interesting' content is ideas, thoughts, and dialogues, that the customer wants to have with their brand. Generating frequent content in the form of blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and the like is one of the best inbound marketing strategies you could possibly employ.

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