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A Breakdown on our February Blog Posts - What you Might Have Missed:

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Business man sick of the snowWeather-wise, we're happy to see February go!  We're tired of shoveling snow, but thankful we don't live in Boston!  Business-wise, things are heating up!  Everyone seems ready to go on their marketing. Are you?  We wrote on a number of topics this past month and you might have missed something that can help your business. So here's a breakdown of our February blog posts:

2nd Catalpha Packaging Design Client Hits National TV
The second time in 2 months that a client of Catalpha's was seen on TV.  What are the odds? Good products and hard work pay off. This new product gets more funding from the show's investor. Read the full story...

9 TIps for Building Trust Through Your Website
How can you build trust for you or your company online when you aren't meeting the customer in person?  Find out here.

Catalpha Packages: Winner of 4 American Package Awards in 2014
Graphic Design USA Packaging Awards announces the winners in the yearly contest and Catalpha makes the list!

Direct Mail Survives in Spite of the Odds
This well read blog post discusses whether direct mail is is still a relevant form of marketing these days.

Upcoming Packaging Design Trends
Brand marketing budgets are up this year and with it increased packaging.  Are you ready?

What You Can Do To Increase Your Brand Identity
Just getting started or revamping your brand?  What can you do to do it right?

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