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What Do Successsful Entrepreneurs Do?

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follow-the-moneyI have read numerous articles that discuss traits and actions of successful business owners. Here is a list of 8 I saw in a recent article.
  • They do the work
  • They avoid crowds
  • They work more hours that average
  • They have high goals
  • They make new goals as they complete each goal
  • Sales ability is a must
  • They don't create a back up plan
  • They accept failure as a lesson

Which of these would you say describe who you are?

I can agree that 5 of these have to be common traits of all business owners and entrepreneurs.

Big goals  - some call it a dream but it must become a real goal for there to be a possibility of achieving the goal. Every person has a dream and many only dream. Committing to and working on the goal puts one on the path of an entrepreneur. Working on the goal is not enough.

Failure is inevitable - Edison held 1093 patents for different inventions including the light bulb, phonograph and motion picture camera. Not everything he created was a success. He attempted to combine moving pictures with sound. His attempts never took off and Edison abandoned the idea of sound motion pictures by 1915. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of asking for help, trying again and admit they owe their success to others.

Work long hours - Business owners and entrepreneurs work more hours than the average person. They don't see what they do as work. They have passion to create something and the drive to do what it takes to bring the dream to life. Like Edison, successful entrepreneurs do what other people won't do.

They don't stop - While working long hours to reach their 1st goal, the successful entrepreneur has 5+ goals they are working on a developing. Accomplishing a goal no matter how huge isn't the finish. Highly successful people expect and plan on achieving many great goals. They are fueled by success and failure.

Selling is a necessary skill - It may not be the greatest skill. Their enthusiasm is contagious - Success is not achieved alone. Successful people are not all skilled and knowledgeable in every aspect of what they are working to achieve. They inspire others, sell their concept to others to get funding, to hire experts to work with them or for them.

They don't follow the crowd - This is not the same as disliking crowds.They don't take the easy way or accept status quo when they have an idea.

There are no overnight successes nor one hit wonders.

Music industry releases media hype about overnight successes. When you look behind those PR releases you will hear the story of how long the person worked on their skill and goal. One hit wonders are also a musically phenomenon. Successful entrepreneurs have a list of accomplishments and goals they are working on because it fuels their life.

In my business I know many people who have these traits nd perspective on their life that drives them to have huge goals. They include inventors and business owners. But I also see some of these traits in key employees of successful businesses. They work long hours and are passionat about their careers. They play a significant role in helping succesful entrepreneurs.

If you have a dream, are you committed to making it a reality? Are you empowered to make it happen or help back by all the reasons you can't achieve it?

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