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Two Packaging Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

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packaging-design-trends-in-2015Creative packaging design is a surefire way to successfully market a brand in brick-and-mortar stores and online. In order to keep brand imaging fresh and compelling, marketers would do well to incorporate new, custom packaging design trends whenever possible. Here are a few new packaging types and trends that produce promising results:

Brands Play With Texture

Marketers from all walks of life recognize the importance of a strong brand; in fact, 63% plan to increase their brand marketing budgets within the next 12 months. This venture, of course, includes investing in one of the most effective types of brand advertising, packaging design. And a growing number of companies are doing it with texture. Adding a bit of texture adds something unusual and unique to a product, often drawing customer interest. Juniper Ridge, for example, recently redesigned the bottles for its "wild fragrances," topping scent bottles with tree bark caps. The one-of-a-kind caps bring the wilderness to mind, of course, and stand out from competing brands.

Product Packaging Goes Green

Of course, effective and creative packaging design isn't just about aesthetics -- what goes into packaging materials matters, too. Today, more companies are improving and/or solidifying their shining company reputation by using eco-friendly packaging and labeling products. Consumers are demanding environmentally friend business practices, and green packaging is another viable way to do it.

How are packages, labels, and brands changing? Brands are getting increasingly creative with outer packaging and product appearances, and consumers view these changes extremely favorably, too.

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