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The 5 Things Users Want From Your Website

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What do your webiste visitors want?What is it?

First and foremost, users that visit your site should be able to tell what your site is all about and what services it offers within the first few seconds of navigation. If your brand or product isn't well known, your company name and URL should fit your business model and goals. You only have 10 seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer, so make it last!

Why does it matter?

If you're looking to get your user past the initial phase of understanding, your web design agency now has the job of convincing the user why the site and product matters to them, and why they need it. Your professional website design should provide them with the context necessary to decide their services are right for you.

Where do I go?

User experience should always be kept in mind when a web design agency is creating your website. While a user doesn't understand the minute idiosyncrasies of web design, they want to be able to navigate your site in a way that's fast, efficient, and understandable.

Where are the pictures?

As part of sound website marketing solutions and good web design, everyone knows that good content is important for users. But recent studies show that users read only a quarter of content that is on a web page. Because of this, providing strong and original visual assets, such as photos and video, will make the user's experience on your site a longer and more meaningful one.

Is there an app for that (or mobile website)?

Now more than ever, mobile web marketing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business. Not having your site be compatible to mobile devices is missing out on a major market, considering approximately 50% of all searches are conducted on mobile devices.

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