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Mind Games: Positioning Your Product In Your Customers' Minds

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Competition makes us crazy. Business would be easy if there wasn’t any. Those that create the first ever product of its kind enjoy that position for a brief moment. A successful business never plans for that time… they plan for the competition. How long would Apple have been around if they didn’t keep working on improving and innovating? Apple has created an image with its customers through their product development strategy; launch strategy, marketing and retail experience. Their positioning message is embedded in everything they do.

The biggest mistake you can make would be following the pack. Mimicking can have short-term results but not be effective over the long-term.

Positioning a message in the consumer’s mind - one that will stand out in an already overcrowded memory bank - is one of the most critical strategies for your company's long-term success. Consumers only remember certain things about products, services or companies and what they most easily remember is based on categories and owning certain qualities within a category. Who was first to do it? Who is the leader? Who offers what no one else provides?

If your positioning is based on having the lowest price, you’ll find yourself in cluttered territory - easily forgettable and lacking customer loyalty.

Your positioning statement is one that should be easy to promote and incorporate into sales messaging. It must align with your business mission statement. Develop the exclusive claim or position you would like to own in the memory banks of your customers. Once you've chosen that position, your sales-building marketing plan becomes much easier to implement at every level of your business. Broadcast it at every opportunity you have. Make opportunities to impress your positioning message on your customers.

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