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Improve Your Brand In 6 Simple Steps

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It’s no joke that great branding is important for your product and your business.

Leveraging company image requires strategies and designs that make you stand out in the marketplace.

Build your brand by taking these 6 steps.

1)   Tell Your Audience Who You Are!

What’s your service or product about? Recognize your customers role in your success. Why would your customer want it?

Find a clever way to talk to them and  keep them interested. Be concise, short, and to the point.


2)   Research

You’ve come all this way to establish your company, now be sure to research the competition.

Get to know the market your company is competing in and use it to build your presence and defined difference to your target audience.


3)  Develop Your Identity

Establish a logo, tagline, and a brand name.

Learn more about creating a brand name.

Your logo is the visual embodiment of your brand.

You need to make sure your audience has a visual connection to your product.  A strong icon is a visual beacon in a crowded competitive environment.


4) Trademarking

This is something every company should think about.

Registering your logo as a trademarking protects your identity, logo, idea, design, brand name, etc.

To obtain this you have to file a patent at the U.S. Trademark Office.

"TM" is always used while waiting for registration to be approved by USPTO.

Whether you go through registration process or not, you "TM" can be used with your logo and name.

It is a simple protection that doesn't require filing with the USPTO.


5) Social Media

Social media influence has become strategic step in growing new brands and companies.

There are new social programs launching every month. Knowing your customer and which social media is the strongest in reaching them is the first step and developing a plan to attract their attention can be pivotal.  They can be a direct link to talk to your target audience.  And there are many ways on many platforms that can bring about brand recognition.


6) Keep An Eye On Your Brand!

Make sure to continually evaluate, update, and improve your brand message.

Always keep an eye on the trends going on in your market and ask yourself is it time to update? Keep your message fresh and relevant to your customer.

Establishing a brand is the first thing that should happen before a product or company launch.

Having a memorable visual icon that a customer can relate to and works to build company success.

However, keep in mind that your brand is not a one and done task. You have to constantly expose your image and personality to grow and retain market impression. You don't have to shoulder the burden of building your market presence on your own. Hiring a firm that specializes in building brand and business can be the best decision you can make for your business.

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