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How Package Design Improves Your Sex Life

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It worked. You started to read this blog proving that the right message grabs your attention. You can’t go wrong when the message is directed at your primary audience. The right message is not just facts that are unemotional and unrewarding because the details are of secondary importance.

Consider the headline of this blog – how could package design improve anything? Very simple, if the product a couple buys helps them in the bedroom then the package design improved their sex life. The package design must convince the buyer that the product fulfills an immediate need that will make the buyer happy. An emotional trigger must be a main message on the front panel of the package. Emotional reward is the primary reason a purchase decision is made.

Know your customer, know their trigger.

Knowing how your product will make your customer happy, feel great, and/or provide enjoyment are key to deciding the copy and visual message for the package design. That requires you have a firm definition of the primary target and secondary. Answering a few simple questions will provide the information to inspire and create your custom message.

  • Who needs this?

  • Why do they need this?

  • How will it impact their daily life?

Imperial-Margarine-TV-adWrite down as many thoughts as you can, sensible to the extreme. Within that list will be inspirational gems that can be used for packaging and other marketing. Do you remember the Imperial Margarine ads? A humorous ad that promised you would eat like royalty and would run out of space for your crowns. The ad delivered joy through its humor and promised culinary joy without being stuffy.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvVduWJSjX0

Visual impact is critical because the store environment has so much visual stimulus. The visual must support your message and draw attention. People are speed-reading when shopping and depend on visuals, not words, to help them find their way to the products they want. The visual must be designed for the primary target – woman, man, teenage girl, retired man, etc. Customizing that message with your brand style is the final step. The visual must support the emotional message trigger of your package message.

Do you show before and after or just the after?

Why not show both? A box provides enough billboard space to show both, maybe not on the front panel. A great designer can layout the package to lead the customer around the box. Your target must be ready to buy – emotionally needy – and your package has to make them believe the product will deliver as promised. Bottom line – you have 3 seconds to stop me in my tracks and 3 seconds to compel me to read more. 

Even impulse purchases satisfy an emotional need.

A typical impulse purchase happen at check-out so it is usually a yummy treat. These types of purchases deliver instant gratification. If your product is small enough to be at check-out and the type of product stores like to put in the check-out area the buyer won't spend much time in deciding whether to purchase. They have a time constraint which is to your benefit if your package stands out.

Some people get the biggest emotional gratification from finding an incredible price, a price they can’t pass up on a product they don’t need but wanted. Price is a very compelling motivator and an incredible emotional trigger. But, the package must get noticed on the shelf to have a chance to get bought. Pricing has an impact on brand image and is the reason outlet stores attract certain buyers which are a small segment of the market.

Focus n your primary target, weigh it's effectiveness with the primary target and then consider secondary aspects when looking for opportunities. Never compromise the design to reach your secondary target.

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