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Five Ways to Build a Brand

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The_many_ways_to_build_a_brandDid you know that as many as 30% of the world's 100 most valuable brands were developed before 1900? As impressive as this fact is, it likely doesn't sound encouraging to smaller, younger companies: after all, how can you compete with businesses that not only have access to the best web designers and packaging designers, but also have 100 years of branding behind them? The answer is to find the best ways of branding through a variety of tactics, ranging from custom product packaging to fresh content. Need some inspiration? Follow these tips on how to brand a business in the 21st century!

1. Define Your Brand and Your Business

If you're wondering how to brand a business, you should begin by thinking about what your company offers, the market it belongs to, the emotional and rational needs of your customers, and what is driving your success so far. You should then start brainstorming ways to create a brand character that will promote your business, appeal to your customers, and separate you from your competition.

2. Be Consistent and Think Long-Term

While every branding campaign will shift over time, you should try to create an image of your business that will reinforce its character and give a clear idea of what your company offers. You should strive to provide an honest, appealing basis that customers will be able to relate to for years to come.

3. Don't Mimic Big Brands or Chains; Be Inventive!

It's natural to look to bigger companies when trying to brand your company: they likely have a bigger budget, more resources, and more experience than you do, so one can assume that their choices are well-calculated for the current market. However, being distinctive and innovative is often well-worth the effort in the long-run. Moreover, studies show that many corporations have begun trying to imitate smaller, independent companies in recent years as consumers have started to choose local products with simpler designs. In such an environment, you have the perfect opportunity to shine.

4. Always Consider Your Branding When Reaching Out to Customers

While custom packaging is an effective form of brand advertising, everything from the promotions you offer to your remarks on social media can also affect your brand identity. Before you slash prices, consider how you, as a consumer, would think about a company who offered a similar deal. Likewise, before you submit a comment or a picture, "like" something, or make an offhanded remark on your company's social media accounts, be sure to think about any ways you could be misconstrued. A lot of companies have left a sour taste or a bad impression on their customers after making these mistakes, losing a lot of business as a result.

5. Don't Simply Stamp Your Logo On Everything

More antiquated advice on how to brand a business might have recommended that you use your logo as much as possible, this can now feel impersonal. Instead, your company brand needs to shift and innovate to engage with its users. Leave your logo on your product packaging design and focus on creating intriguing content for your website, social media accounts and advertising campaigns.

With so many corporations successfully maintaining their brand identities, it can feel challenging to create and promote an identity of your own as a small company. Fortunately, with a great packaging design, engaging content, and the tips above, success is possible. For assistance, however, contact an advertising and marketing agency to discuss how to brand a business.

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