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The KEY to PPC is Negative KEYwords!

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If you are a new or experienced PPC advertiser, the key to getting a better response from your campaign is to get qualified clicks to your landing page through the use of negative keywords. A negative keyword works just like a regular keyword you used to set up your account, EXCEPT these keywords will filter out those searchers that don't measure up to your requirements.They are using phrases in their search that (if they were speaking to you), you would know they are not the type of customer you want. They will use terms like 'FREE', or 'WHOLESALE' in their search query. Those searches waste your PPC fund. Using Negative Keywords brings you a more qualified searcher. One that is more likely to be interested in your offer.

I've included a short list of negative keywords that would work for many accounts. Every account is different and you will need to track your own search queries for more negative keywords. Keep adding to your list and you'll find your account getting a more qualified searcher and better response to your campaign.

A negative keyword list could contain:

  • Free

  • Bargain

  • Cheap

  • Template

  • Templates

  • Wholesale

  • Job

  • Jobs

  • Career

  • Careers

  • Resume

  • Inexpensive

  • freeware

  • idea

  • ideas

  • diy

  • how to

  • internship

  • award

  • awards

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